General Information

Welcome parents/guardians who are/want to homeschool.
Please email all submissions and communications to [email protected] (attach documents, scanned items or smart phone photos). 
Anything you submit by email will be acknowledged automatically.  After we review your submission(s), we will email you a personalized confirmation of exactly what was received.   

How to Scan a Document with iPhone/iPad

How to Scan a Document on Android (& Google Drive)

Taking responsibility for teaching your child(ren) at home is a tremendous undertaking. You will make all of the decisions about what to teach and how to teach so that you are meeting the home instruction regulations of NYS.  The district does not provide curriculum, resources or materials. 

1. Provide your Notice of Intent to Homeschool. Please use this form so we receive the needed and up-to-date information:
2022-23 Notice of Intent to Homeschool (Google form)
This will establish your child as a homeschooler for the entire school year from July 1 to June 30.  It is required each year. 

2. You must withdraw your child from his/her current school. Call the school to arrange a visit to do this. 

3. Start working on the IHIP (Individual Home Instruction Plan) that you will submit for 2021-22. 
7th-8 IHIP
9th-12 IHIP

4. The K-12 Home Instruction worksheet (template) will provide other information required by NYS.  It will be used to start your child's homeschool file in our office. 

Children who reside in Longwood Central School District but who are taught at home instead of a public, charter, parochial or private school, are considered to be home instructed by New York State.  Parents/guardians who elect to educate children at home are responsible for following the state regulations even if enrolling children in correspondence or online program.  

All correspondence will be received, acknowledged, reviewed, and maintained by the Office of Social Studies, World Languages & ENL.  This includes your annual Notice of Intent, Home Instruction Worksheet, Individualized Home Instruction Plan, all quarterly reports, and year-end assessment results. 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 631-345-9282
Please call if you have questions.
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