Saint Andrews Cemetery

"In 1853, James H. Weeks and his wife Susan, purchased a tract of land near their home for the purpose of building an Episcopal Church.

Upon completion of the Church, Mr. and Mrs. Weeks named the edifice, St. Andrew's Church, for the day on which a beloved grand-daughter had been interred in 1850. The Rev. Charles H. Gardiner, missionary of St. Paul's in Patchogue, conducted the first service in 1854.

The first Rite of Confirmation was performed on July 5, 1859 by Bishop Potter to J.H. Weeks, W.J. Weeks, and Mary C. Weeks. The infant son of W.J. and Mary C. Weeks was Baptized William at this same time. This infant, William, was also the first burial in the Church, in October 1856.

On September 3, 1857, the Rev. Walter Stirling performed the first marriage ceremony, uniting Charlotte Howell and Frank Ward both deaf, but intelligent and well educated.

Sometime in the year 1861, St. Andrew's was left unsupplied, but the Church was kept open by the appointment of W.J. Weeks as lay reader. He performed this office for ten years, occasionally assisted by the Rev. Robert Holden and Bishop Potter whenever the latter came on Long Island.

A debt of $500 was still due on the building, which was liquidated by Charles Jeffrey Smith of Mastic in 1872, as a tribute to the memory of his wife, Letitia Suydam Smith.

The paying of this debt paved the way for the conveying of the Church to the Diocese of Long Island assisted by five clergy of the Island, formally consecreted St. Andrew's Church.

In 1938, the great hurricane toppled many trees in the Church yard. The hand of God must have stayed these trees, because although several fell and damaged the roof, no damage was done to the stained glass windows or to the Cross and candlesticks on the altar.

Since 1874 no formal history of St. Andrew's has been written. However, during the ensuing years the records of Baptisms, Marriages, and Confirmations have been faithfully kept.

Throughout the 100 years of its being, the doors of St. Andrew's have never been closed to the public. Seminary students, lay readers, and the Brothers of St. Joseph have held services when no ordained Priest was available. When a Priest could be obtained, Holy Communion was administered, Baptisms were performed, (many at one time), and Marriages solemnized.' The above article was written by Thomas R. Bayles and was copied from the "Long Island Advance" dated 9 Dec. 1971. The stones in the cemetary were copied in September and October 1971 by Elbert N. Carter. The Church and the cemetery are located on the South side of Main St. several hundred yards East of the Post Office.

#1. SARAH HAWKINS b. 8 Aug. 1787 d. 31 May 1857 f.s. S.H.

2. JONAH HAWKINS b. 11 Sept. 1790 d. 3 Dec. 1856 f.s. J.H. Note: He was the son of JOSEPH & RUTH (HULSE) HAWKINS. His wife (#1 above) was SARAH HOMAN, dau. of Dea. ISAAC & LOIS (HAMLIN) HOMAN. Ref. Hawkins Gen. Pg. 45.

3. SUSAN MARIE WEEKS, dau. of W.J. & MARY C. WEEKS, d. 29 Nov. 1850 age 23 mo. f.s. S.M.W.

4. WILLIE WEEKS, son of WILLIAM J. & MARY C. WEEKS, d. 21 Oct. 1856 age 17 mo. f.s. W.1d.

5. HARRY CROSWELL WEEKS, son of W.J. & M.C. WEEKS, d. 5 Oct. 1857 age 7 mo. f.s. H.C.W.

6. THEODORE FRANCIS WEEKS, son of ARCHIBALD C. & EVELYN E. WEEKS, b. 21 Nov. 1882 d. 17 July 1883 f.s. T.F.W.

7. WILLIAM J. WEEKS 1881-1904

8. PHEBE RIBBLE 1825-1909

9. EVELYN E. WEEKS 1855-1927

10. ARCHIBALD C. WEEKS 1850-1927

11. ANNIE HORLOCHER, wife of JOSEPH HORLOCHER, d. 1 Jan. 1905 age 72 years f.s. A.H. (AUNTIE) on top of stone.

12. REGINALD C. WEEKS, son of WILLIAM J. & MARY CROSWELL WEEKS, b. 28 Aug. 1868 d. 3 April 1935 f.s. R.C.W.

13. FRANCIS WILLIAM WEEKS, son of WILLIAM J. & MARY CROSIMLL WEEKS, b. 8 Jan 1867 d. 13 Feb. 1884 f.s. F.W.W.

14. MARY CROSWELL WEEKS, b. 13 Sept. 1826 d. 7 Jan. 1883 f.s. MCA.

15. WILLIAM JONES VWEKS, only son of JAMES H. & SUSAN M. WEEKS, b. 21 Feb. 1821 d. 2 Sept. 1897 f.s. buried.

16. JAMES H. WEEKS, b. 28 July 1798 d. 7 Sept. 1879 f.s. J.H.W. SUSAN MARIA WEEKS, dau of Major.WILLIAM JONES, b. 20 April 1802 at Cold Spring Harbor, d. 24 Jan. 1888 f.s. S.M.W.

17. SUSAN AMELIA (WEEKS) GERARD, widow of WILLIAM SMITH GERARD, third child of WILLIAM JONES & MARY CROSWELL WEEKS. b. 7 Dec. 1851 d. 26 Nov. 1934 f.s. S.A.G.

18. WILLIAM SMITH GERARD, 7th son of NELSON B. & KEZIAH (LEEK) GERARD, b. 30 July 1858 d. 7 Sept. 1923 f.s. W.S.G.

19. LAURA ANTOINETT HESSELBERG, dau of MARY CROSWELL & WILLIAM JONES) WEEKS and widow of DANIEL L. HESSELBERG, b. 23 Sept. !864 d. 27 Feb. 1937.

20. CLARA WINSLOW WEEKS, dau. of MARY CROSWELL & WILLIAM JONES WEEKSt b. 15 Sept. 1860 d. 31 July 1929 f.s. CA.W.

21. JACKSON B. DAVIS 1901-1939

22. DUDLEY LAWIES b. 28 March 1892 d. 16 Feb. 1917, son of JULIA E. & J.H. LAWLES.

23. JULIA E. (WEEKS) LAWLES, Wife of JOSEPH H. LAWLES & dau. of WILLIAM JONES & MARY C. WEEKS, b. 9 May 1862 d. 29 Jan. 1937.

24. JOSEPH H. LAWLES, son of SILAS L. & ELIZABETH MARY LAWIES, b. 13 Jan. 1861 d. 7 Dec. 1936.

25. ---SKIP--- my mistake

26. JULES ROYERE 1852-!930


27. MARIE DION b. 5 Dec. 1834 d. 2 July 1904 f.s. DION

28. HONORE DION 1843-1928


30. JOHN HANNON b. 3 July 1849 d. 23 July 1901 f.s. J.H.

31. CHRISTIAN GRA.BER b. 28 Aug. 1837 d. 24 April 1895 f.s. C.G.

32. ANN MARGARBET HOLDEN,, wife of E.H.S. HOLDEN, M.D. b. 9 April 1792 d. 29 Dec. 1878 f.s. A.M.H.

33.KATHERINE E. VOGEL (no dates)

34. HETTIE WEBBER, dau. of JOHN &-, GECEGIANNA WEBBER, d. 30 April 1875 age 5 days. f.s. H.W.

35. OPHELIA F. POTTS d. 12 March 1894 age 83 years 9 mo. f.s. O.F.P.

36. IRVING d. 6 Sept. 1875 "OUR BABE" on top of stone. No last name given.

37. BERTHA C. HADEL 1900-1906

38. ANNA E. HADEL b. 29 Sept. 1879 d. 21 Jan 1905

39. CATHERINE HADEL, wife of ADOLPH W. HADEL b. 27 Dec. 1856 d. 27 Dec. 1903.

40. ADOLPH W. HADEL 1848-1920

41. SAMUEL B. WILLINGTON (no dates)

EMMA WILLINGTON d. 16 Aug 1906

42. EMMA R. JACKSON b. 16 Oct. 1849 d. 8 June 1941

43. M. AUGUSTA (JACKSON) GRIFFITH, wife of CHARLES L. GRIFFITH, B. 7 Feb. 1853 d. 12 May 1880.

44. EDWARD DEW 1848-1924

45. JANE T. DEW, wife of EDWARD DEW, d. 21 Jan. 1894 age 54 Years.

46. JAMES EDWARD WEEKS b. 24 Aug. 1853 d. 16 Sept. 1924 ANTOINETTE S. (JACKSON) WEEKS b. 24 April 1848 d. 27 April 1924.

47. HENRY B. JACKSON b. 24 Sept. 1803 d. 12 Feb. 1886 f.s. H.B.J. Father

48. SARAH (STEPHENS) JACKSON, wife of HENRY B. JACKSON, b. 19 July 1812 d. 6 Aug. 1879 mother f.3. S.S.

49. ROBERT HEWLETT HAWKINS, son of ROBERT H. & ISABELLA HA.",aINS, d. 18 Feb 1852 age 1 year I mo. 26 days. "L.s. R.H.H.


51. JOHN H. SMITH 1879-1928

52. CHARLES KOLLETT 1906-1967

53. JOHN C. KOLLETT 1871-1954

54. WALTER A. DELAPPE 1895-1966

55. FRED C. DE LAPPE 1868-1953
EVA M. DE LAPPE 1869-1949

56. AENNE S. OVERHOFF 1899-1949

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