Company K


Julius Ochs Adler
Company K


Captain David Hoagland
Captain John K. Olyphant

First Lieutenant Charles DeWolf Gibson
First Lieutenant Garth M. Lowrie
First Lieutenant William E. Michaelis
First Lieutenant Thomas E. Peirce

Second Lieutenant Herbert E. Bothwell
Second Lieutenant Charles R. Cain
Second Lieutenant Thomas M. Fraker
Second Lieutenant Ernest W. Ruscher

Abbott, Lloyd Private
Ackerley, Claude Private
Albee, Jesse F . Corporal
Albert, Abraham Private First Class
Alsaker, Gilbert Private First Class
Ambrose, Charles F . Private
Andrews, Walter Private
Arbuckle, Andrew J . Corporal
Arneaud, Francis E . Private
Arrigoni, Angelo Private
Assnes, Oscar Private First Class
Ates, William Private
Atkinson, Harold Private
Avnst, Harry Private First Class
Bagley, Peter T., Jr.* Mechanic
Baird, Charley W . ........... Private
Baker, Benjamin Corporal
Baker, Walter D . Private
Balcchino, Angelo Private
Banther, Dock Private
Baransky, Hyman Private
Bates, John W . Private
Battista, Nicholas ...... Mechanic
Bazemore, Arthur E . Private
Beirne, John P . Sergeant
Belin, William H . Private
Bell, Peter A . Private
Bellon, Henry Private
Benguerel, Edson A . Corporal
Benson, Fred S . Corporal
Bentley, Archie R . Corporal

Bernard, James Private
Bernardo, Alberto Private
Bilstad, Gjermund Private
Birkelo, Rasmus Private
Blaszak, Louis E . Private First Class
Bleuer, Arthur R . Corporal
Blood, LeRoy A . Private
Blood, Robert E . Private First Class
Bohner, Fred A.* Private
Bolkan, George Private
Bracken, John F . Sergeant
Bradley, George S . Private First Class
Brede, Carl J . Sergeant
Brizzolara, Louis Private First Class
Brooks, Alph * Private
Brooks, Thomas F . Private
Brown, Henry Private
Brown, Joseph Private First Class
Brown, Vernon M . Corporal
Brown, William M . Private
Brunick, Edmond F.* Private
Brunie, Angelo Private
Burdick, Louis E . Private
Burns, John D . Private
Byerley, Cecil Sergeant
Cabbage, Herman A . Private
Cacchiotti, Rafele Private
Cain, Henry Private
Calhoun, Olive Private First Class
Capelli, Louis Private First Class
Caplan, Samuel Private First Class
Carbonari, Salvatore Private
Carden, Walter Private
Carnevale, Geriano Private
Casey, Edward L . Corporal
Castleberry, James W . Private
Cavanaugh, Edward W . Corporal
Cerchiara, Domenico Private
Chiettini, Giuseppe Private
Childs, John M . Private First Class
Clendenning, Joseph Private
Clifton, Harry* Private
Cohen, Max Private
Cohn, Walter M . Private
Colangelo, Archangelo Private
Coleman, Martin G . Corporal
Colwell, William N . Private
Connors, William J . Private
Cormier, P. A . Private
Coshnear, Samuel Private
Craver, Donald T . Private First Class
Crawford, Clyde W . Private
Crugnale, Enricole Private First Class

Cugnidoro, Giuseppe Private
Cullum, Archibald W . Private
Data, Augusto Private
DeBartolo, Alexander Private
D'Emic, John Corporal
Denkiewicz, Roman Private
Denoma, Roy C . Private First Class
Denoma, Bazle A . Private
DeRoo, John Private First Class
Diehl, Christian Private First Class
Dieter, Clark W . Private
Deitz, William W . Corporal
Donahue, Matthew W . Corporal
Donahue, Thomas D . Private
Douan, John Private First Class
Dunn, Thomas F.* Private
Elbert, Herman Private First Class
Edwards, Matthew A . Private
Ehrman, Clarence W . Private
Eide, Lars Private
Eklund, John C . Private
Ellingson, Nels A . Private
Elston, Harry A . Private First Class
Elton, Gillman G . Private
Englund, John A . Private First Class
Fairbrother, Daniel W . Private
Falls, Anton Private First Class
Fanning, William H.* Private
Feldman, Samuel ...... Private First Class
Fenske, Otto H . ' Private
Fernstrom, Simon E . Private First Class
Ferrerro, Giavano Private First Class
Ferry, Henry J., Jr . Private First Class
Ferry, Niel J . Private
Fifliponi, Luigi ...... Private
Fitzgerald, Thomas J . Private
Fitzpatrick, Henry R . .... Sergeant
Franklin, Thomas L . Mess Sergeant
Franzonelli, Benny Private
Freidenreich, Samuel Bugler
Gallo, Tony Corporal
Gammelgaard, Peder C . Private
Genoch, Julius Private
Gerard, Robert Corporal
Geske, Emil C . Private
Geisler, Joseph E . Private
Giannicchi, Rocco Private
Gilbert, Craig I . Private First Class
Gioney, Alexander Private First Class
Girouard, Omer Private
Givens, Morris B . Private
Glock, Anthony Private
Gober, Gasper ............................. Private First Class

Goldernberg, Abraham Corporal
Goldstein, Henry Private
Goldstein, Isaac Private First Class
Gondo, John * Private
Goodfreind, Samuel Private First Class
Goodman, Jacob* Private
Grady, Timothy Private
Gravina, Charles Private
Green, Ernest Private
Greenbaum, Lee A . Supply Sergeant
Grendahl, Henry Private
Grosi, Michael Private
Groven, Emil H . Private
Guckery, Harry Sergeant
Guth, William Private
Hamlin, Frank 0 . Private
Hammond, Earl B . Mechanic
Handy, Leon A . Private
Hanstein, Lambert L . Sergeant
Hassel, Benjamin Private
Heitman, Edward C . Private
Herring, William R . Private
Hilger, Charles G . Private
Hirsh, Benjamin Cook
Hitt, Jesse T . Private
Hoeltge, Henry Private First Class
Holland, Thomas Private First Class
Hallander, Sam Private First Class
Horton, George M . Private
Howard, Joseph Private
Hurd, Frederick S . Private
lanotto, Ferdinando Private
Jacob, Peter Private
James, Frank Sergeant
Jankowski, Leonard A . Private
Jaros, Jaroslav Private
Jaruzwski, John Private First Class
Jenks, Henry N . Private First Class
Jensen, Frank E . Private
Johns, Barry J . ............... Private First Class
Johnson, Henry P . Private
Johnson, John E . Private First Class
Johnson, Nels Private First Class
Johnstone, John K . Corporal
Jones, Clifton B . Private First Class
Jordon, Hawkins D . Corporal
Kahn, Samuel Private
Kane, John J . Mechanic
Kasal, Anton Private
Katz, Isidore Mechanic
Kelly, William C . Private
Kemp, Walter Corporal
Kempner, Abner Supply Sergeant

Kessler, William G . Private First Class
Kiem, Johan Private
Kirk, James Private
Klaffka, John *
Knoess, Gerald V . .................................... Private
Knowles, Ira J . Private First Class
Koller, Ignatz Private
Kravitz, Morris Private
Kraysler, Jake Private
Kullman, Erich Private
Kuzminsky, Samuel Private First Class
Kwedras, John J . Private First Class
Ladwinker, Henry J . Private First Class
Laffin, Martin* Private
LaMont, Charles Private
Lamort, Carmine Private
Lampley, Harry E . Private
Lannon, John Corporal
Lanza, Leonardo Private
Leonard, Philip C . Private
Levy, Harry Private First Class
Lewandowski, Stanley Private First Class
Libertelli, Josei Private First Class
Lignetts, Angelo Private
Linnin, Thomas Corporal
Lintner, Frank P . Private
Longyear, Elijah, Jr . Private
Lucas, John
Lynch, Cornelius P . Private
McAuliff, John J . Private First Class
McCormich, Luther Private
McDowell, Joseph M . Private
McGovern, John * Private
McMenemy, John T. P . Mechanic
McNeil, John J . Cook
McQuade, Michael F . Corporal
MeWhirther, William C . Private First Class
Madigan, Alfred J . Private
Mahoney, Edward Private First Class
Maier, Sam .. : --- Private
Mancini, Antonio Private
Marcus, Oscar Private
Margolies, Fred Private
Martel, Amedeo '' '' *
............. Private
Martin, Gerard Private
Martin, Joseph A . Bugler First Class
Masters, Ambrose C . * Private
Maurer, Daniel Private First Class
Mead, Samuel Private
Meiss, John Private
Merneh, Edward H . Private
Metzger, Abraham Private First Class
Meyer, Harry F . ...................................... Sergeant

Mihlrad, Harry* Private
Ming, Clinton J . Private
Mitchell, Myron J . Sergeant
Mulvey, Ambrose L . Sergeant
Murray, Joseph M . Corporal
Newkirk, James C . Private First Class
Neidleman, Charles B . Private First Class
Nobile, Ercole Private
O'Brien, Aloysius M . Private First Class
O'Connor, Daniel * Private
On Ching, Young Private First Class
O'Rourke, Frank D . Private
Oschmann, Henry Corporal
Pascale, Louis Private
Paskiewicz, Joe Private
Peach, Robert J . Private First Class
Pelletier, Hector M . Private
Pennisi, Joseph Private
Penny, Leslie V . Corporal
Petelenski, John Private
Peterson, Harry E . Sergeant
Phillips, William E . Private
Plattner, Edward H . Private First Class
Prophets, Manuel Private First Class
Purcell, Turner W . Private
Quigley, James H . Corporal
Quinn, John J. Private
Rappaport, Gustave Private First Class
Ray, George F . Private
Reaney, Thomas J.* Corporal
Redican, Patrick Private First Class
Reedy, William Private
Rennie, Edward P . Private First Class
Reubell, Frank ........................... Private First Class
Rhines, Leslie C . Private
Richards, Louis* Private
Richards, Walter A . Private First Class
Rockett, Edwin P . Private First Class
Rogan, Joseph * Corporal
Root, Edward Private First Class
Rosser, August P . Corporal
Rogavin, Abraham Corporal
Rosemark, Joseph Private
Ruffini, Louis Private
Rumley, Will Private First Class
Russell, Ralph G . Private
Ryan, Charles S . Private
Ryan, Clarence Private
Ryan, Jeremiah F . Private
Ryan, Louis J . Private First Class
Sabattucci, Adelino Private
Saggers, Henry Private
Sarvold, Sivart ......................................... Private


Sarivo, Michelle Private Wessler, Lawrence G . Private
Schaefer, William Corporal West, Homer Private
Schaffer,john Private First Class Wetzel, Walter C . Cook
Schernig, Richard -- .............. Private First Class Wheeler, James W . Private First Class
Schickling, John L . Private White, George J . Private
Schifrin, Abraham Mess Sergeant Widlak, Frank L . Sergeant
Schlueter, Bernard M . Sergeant Williams, Elbert Private First Class
Schmeiser, Joseph Private Williams, Percy Mechanic
Schreiber, Frank Corporal Williamson, Robert D . Private
Schroeder, Joseph R . Private I
Wilson, Andrew Private First Class
Sculley, James ..... Private Wilson, Fred M . Private
Schulze, Charles J . Bugler Winston, Chester A . Private
Seide, Morris M . Private Wittman, Fred J. G . Private First Class
Seikora, Robert J.* Private Woerther, Albert F . Private
Seils, Erich H . Sergeant Wolfe, Noah J . Private
Shelby, Fred Private Young, George R . Private
Shepherd, Willis F . Sergeant Zarra, Ralph Private
Sherard, Benjamin F . Private Zino, Manuel ........................... Private
Shoop, Gordon T . Private First Class Zulz, Frank J . Private First Class
Sikorski, Kazmierz Private First Class
Sittner, Edward * Private
Skaurud, Cornelius Private
Smith, Homer R . Cor oral
Smith, Joseph Corporal
Smith, William J . Private First Class
Sniffin, Harry Corporal
Snow, James C . Private
Stark, Herman 0 . Private
Steele, Leon E . Private
Stone, Gilbert Private
Strandvold, Irving Private
Strassenberg, Henry J . Private
Straus, Nelson * Private
Susong, John C . Private
Swinscoe, William Private First Class
Taylor, Ray F . .... -- .... Private First Class
Thornton, Niles S . Private
Tibollo, Michael .................... Private
Toelle, Earl H . Private First Class
Tressell, Jacob Private
Tunnicliffe, Harry Private
Van de Velde, Peter Private
Van Waldick, Clarence R . Private
Wade, Edward H . Corporal
Warner, Albert F . First Sergeant
Wartogow, Gustave Sergeant
Waxman, Meyer Cook
Webster, William H . Private
Weinstein, Samuel Private First Class
Welleghen, Emil V . Private
Welsh, Francis E . Private
Welsh, Jim Private
Werner, William A . Private
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