Company F


Julius Ochs Adler
Company F

Photo from the collection of Sandra King-Horst.


Captain Robert P. Patterson

First Lieutenant Richard R. Blazer
First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Hayes
First Lieutenant John M. Oskinson
First Lieutenant Walter J. Sutherland
First Lieutenant John A. Walsh *
First Lieutenant Lloyd H. Warnecke

Second Lieutenant Raymond Berkman
Second Lieutenant James C. Hunter
Second Lieutenant Ralph G. McCarthy
Second Lieutenant Earl G. Weadley

Abowitz, Abraham Private
Adler, Jerome R . Private
Akin, Lonnie S . Private
Allen, George W . Private First Class
Alvikas, Anthony Private
Appel, George Private
Arroll, Henry Corporal
Becker, Fred Private
Becker, John W . Private First Class
Benedetto, Roger Private First Class
Beltliff, Thomas G . Private
Bernauer, Joseph L . Private
Bilbrey, Clifford E . Private
Bischon, Isadore Private First Class
Black, Walter 8 . Private
Blackowski, John Cook
Blume, Clarence C . Private
Blumenfeld, Sidney Private
Bonetti, Dominick Private First Class
Boresch, Charles Private
Botchlett, Leo D Corporal
Bouchard, Appolinaire Private
Bracken, Raymond Private
Bradshaw, Matthew E . Private First Class
Breitwieser, Henry J . Corporal
Bremen, Cornelius Private
Brenner, Morris Private First Class
Breuseski, William Private
Broiskin, Joseph H . Corporal
Brown, Philip Private First Class
Bruton, Roscoe Private
Burney, Bert A . ........................................ Private

Byrne, Thomas A . Private First Class
Cade, William Private First Class
Cameron, Everett E . ..... Private First Class
Campise, Giuseppe Private
Campisi, James Private
Campo, Paolo Private First Class
Capabianco, Rocco . .................... Private
Caprino, Daniel Private First Class
Carney, Frank Corporal
Carrigan, Charles C . Private
Carroll, Patrick J . Corporal
Carter, Michael * Private First Class
Case, James R . Corporal
Cassidy, James A . Sergeant
Cesario, John Sergeant
Charles, Frank J . Private
Charles, Harry Private
Chasson, Joseph Private
Cinnamon, Halburt M . Private
Coinner, James Private
Coleman, Ray H . Corporal
Confer, Walter Private First Class
Conley Michael Sergeant
Conlin, Martin Private
Conte, Joseph Private
Copeland, Stanley R. . Private
Crawford, George T . Private
Cuda, Frank T . Private
Curtis, Joseph E . Private
Daescher, Robert B . Private First Class
Dalconzo, Vito Private
Damato, James J . Private First Class
Dameo, John Private First Class
D'Atrie, Barney Private
Davis, Andrew H . Mess Sergeant
Davis, Gordon Private
Davis, Joseph V . Private First Class
Dawson, Fred 0 . Private First Class
DeLuca, Guglielmo Private
Dennison, Walter F . Private
Devaney, Patrick Private
Dillingham, William H . Private First Class
Dolan, John J . Private
Donnelly, Charles Corporal
Dore, William F . Private
Dowling, William J . Private
Drabkin, Jacob Private First Class
Drageon, Morris Private
Dresse, Donald D . Private
Duffus, John H . Corporal
Duffy, Edwin J . Private First Class
Duffy, John Corporal
Duffy, John T . .......................................... Private

Dunne, John W . Private
Dunnigan, William J . Private
Durrant, James E . Private First Class
Ebert, John A . Private First Class
Egan, Michael J . Private
Enochs, Commie E . Private
Epperson, Mack Private
Erikson, Sven R . Private First Class
Estrin, Hyman Private
Etheridge, Carlton 0 . Private
Eve, Francis L . Private
Falconi, Vincent Private
Fanning, John Private First Class
Fantin, Hugo M . Sergeant
Farrell, John J ............................. Private First Class
Faucher, Joseph A . Sergeant
Fierro, Giuseppe Private
Fine, Morris Private
Finley, Fred C . Private
Finster, Walter C . Private
Finucane, Peter Mess Sergeant
Fischofer, William 0 . Private First Class
Fitzpatrick, Andrew J . Private
Flecheri, Rocco Private First Class
Flynn, John B . Private First Class
Fontano, Joseph Private
Fosen, Enute Private
Foster, Alfred J . Corporal
Fox, Sylvester R . Private
Foy, Richard R . Corporal
Franger, Arthur H . Private
Fredenburgh, Paul E . Private
Freiberger, Charles A . Private
Fry, George E . Private
Gamache, Emile Private
Garrard, Robert Private
Gates, Hugh Roy Private
Gay, Charles C . Private
Giannuzzi, Lewis D . Private
Giddings, Alfred J . Corporal
Gillen, John J . Private
Gillouly, Charles J . Private First Class
Giudice, Frank Private First Class
Glover, Andrew J . Private
Goad, Lonnie A . Private
Gravey, Thomas Private
Greenli, Jens Private
Greindl, John J . Private First Class
Grisham, Otha J . Private
Grushoff, Louis Private
Guernsey, Raymond F . Private
Hadsall, Carl W . Corporal
Hafslund, Olaf ........................................ Private

Hale, Richard B . Private
Hall, John L . Private
Halliburton, Walter Private
Hamlen, Albert P . Private
Handlin, Leland S . Private
Hansen, Harold N . Private
Hanson, Chester L . Private
Hanson, Sidney Private
Hennessey, William F . Sergeant
Henseler, William A . Private
Herlan, Jesse Private
Hess, Sidney Sergeant
Hesse], Gustaf H . Private
Hill, Alexander Private
Hobencamp, Walter W . Private
Holmstrom, August B . Private
Honrud, Louis 0 . Private
Hopkins, Verne H . Private
Horne, Colin W . Private
Hornell, Fritiof 0. A . Private
Hughes, Joseph E . Private First Class
Hunn, Cyrus E . Private
Hyde, John A . Bugler
Itzler, Abraham Private
jessee, Louis C . ........ Sergeant
Johnson, Charles J.* Sergeant
Johnson, Frank J . ........................... Private
Johnson, James T . Private
Jones, George F . ...... Mess Sergeant
jouanes, jean Cook
Jourdan, George Private
judge, Thomas D . Private
Kehoe, John T . Private First Class
Keiser, Arthur Private
Kerr, Albert W . Private
Kinaski, Frank Private
King, Chauncey M . Cook
Kirmis, Emanuel T . Private
Knutsen, Erik Private
Koch, August Private First Class
Koch, John Private
Kochlosky, Joseph Private
Kolb, Jacob Private First Class
Kraus, Peter J . Private
Krauss, Anthony J . Private First Class
Kropa, John Private First Class
Kumiss, Goddman Private
LaFleur, George Private
LaForge, Harry Private First Class
LaGrow, Lyle J . Corporal
Laine, Thomas Corporal
Laino, Thomas * Corporal
Lanfear, Matthew Private First Class

Larson, Reynold Private First Class
Lavin, Richard E . Corporal
Lawson, Alex E . Sergeant
LeFort, Edwin P . Private
Lehing, Frederick W . Corporal
Leichter, Louis Private
Levy, Irving A . Corporal
Levy, Sidney Corporal
Lewis, Albert Corporal
Lieberman, Max S . Private
Lio, Angelo Private
Linarello, Rocco Private First Class
Lipinski, Stephen Private
Livingston, John P . Corporal
Longe, Carmin J . Corporal
Loppo, Martin Private
Loewenthal, David Private First Class
Ludtka, John F . Corporal
Luiso, Sante Private
Lyman, Frederick G . Private
McAndrews, James S . Private
McCann, Linton Cook
McCole, John A . Private
McFadden, Ernest E . Private First Class
MacGaffney, James Private
McGrath, James F . Corporal
McLoughlin, Edward F . Sergeant
Madden, Joseph P . Private First Class
Mammino, Device Private
Marcelletto, Angelo Private
Marciano, Dominico Private
Meandato, Bangero Private
Meringer, Lester J . Sergeant
Messick, Everett Corporal
Miklinski, John P . Private
Mikowski, Stephen Private First Class
Militerno, Encolina Private First Class
Miller, John D . Corporal
Miller, Frank E . Corporal
Molinari, William A . Mechanic
Monguso, Pasquale Private
Montesano, Anthony Private
Moore, Charles S . Private
Mooso, Henry L . Private First Class
Morse, Harold L . Private First Class
Murphy, William A . Private
Murray, John J . Private First Class
Musdollo, Basso Private
Nichols, Clayton E . Corporal
Null, Onie H . Private
O'Donnell, James F . Corporal
Ohlochlager, Harry J . Private First Class
O'Meara, John F . Private First Class

O'Mora, Guido Private
Oricchio, Samuel Private First Class
O'Rourke, William M . Private First Class
Paetz, Joseph W . Private First Class
Paoline, Orest Private
Papamichael, Epaminondas Private
Partain, Elmer S . Private
Persh, William C . Private First Class
Peterson, Frederick W . Sergeant
Petrolini, Alessandro Private
Pezor, Pauvilos Private
Phillips, Isaac R . Private
Phillips, John Private
Pierson, Reuben E . Sergeant
Pike, Leeman W . Private First Class
Pisano, Emory M . Private
Pizik, Ralph Private
Poglitsch, Frank B . Private
Poland, Arthur L . Private
Polosk, Joseph Private
Pospolitak, Efim Private
Pratt, Charles H . Private
Priefer, William H . Private First Class
Proul, Archibald W . Private
Quinlan, Charles Private
Quinn, Francis T . Private
Rachan, Thomas Private First Class
Rauckis, Powell Private
Reikow, Carl W . Private First Class
Retrossi, Angele M . Cook
Reynolds, John J . Private First Class
Rheault, Nestor Private
Ritzman, Arthur W . Corporal
Robe, Harlan K . Private
Roberts, Wesley Private
Rode, Edward N . Private
Roden, Elmer F . Private
Rose, Philip W . Private First Class
Rossi, Emils Private
Rother, Edward C . Private First Class
Royland, Elias Private
Rudolph, Fred Private
Rund, Earl Private
Ruppertsburg, William Corporal
Russell, Cecil A . Private First Class
Ryan, Bernard R . Private
Rygg, Mike* Private
Sahloff, John H . Private First Class
St. jean, Charles Private
Salvini, Armando Private First Class
Sanders, Daniel W . Private
Saubak, Halver Private
Sauer, Charles J . ....................................... Private

Seaccio, Paolo Private
Schissler, Joseph J . Private
Schneider, George Private
Schonebaum, Martin A . Private
Schoemaker, Lee Private First Class
Schreibman, Louis Private
Schubring, Albert Private
Scott, Joseph J . Corporal
Searles, Wallace E.* Private
Seewald, Edward G . First Sergeant
Shaleen, Arthur 0 . Private
Shaw, William H . Private
Shea, John Private
Shedlin, Philip Sergeant
Sheer, Wesley A . Private
Shefrin, William Corporal
Shevill, James G . Private
Shifrin, Abraham Private
Shrun, David B . Corporal
Sidener, Jack A . Private First Class
Sidener, Robert L . Private
Silverstein, Samuel Corporal
Sims, George N . Private
Sissom, Everett D . Private
Slover, William T . Supply Sergeant
Smith, Charles F . Private
Snelling, Stuart P . Sergeant
Snyder, August J . Private First Class
Sormenshein, Jacob J . Private
Southard, George E . Private First Class
Spergel, Moe Private First Class
Stamatakos, Nicholas Private
Stearns, Bert L . Private
Stephen, Henry C . Private First Class
Stephens, Carlton H . Private
Stewart, William R . Corporal
Stork, William H . Corporal
Straub, Robert A . Corporal
Stroh, Jacob Private
Sturm, Andrew R . Cook
Sullivan, John P . Corporal
Taggart, Charles A . Sergeant
Tallon, Thomas W . Sergeant
Taylor, Frank J . Sergeant
Tenaglia, Louis Corporal
Tepper, Meyer Private First Class
Theilo, Edward K . Private
Thiesen, Martin Corporal
Thornton, Harry F . Private
Tinin, Stanley A . Private First Class
Tollesbo, Ole Private
Tricosi, Joseph Private
Tryon, Thomas C . ...................................... Private

Ulness, Arthur T . Private First Class
Ulness, Oscar E.* Private
Umland, John H . ...................... Private
Unverferth, Louis A . Private
Vagliardo, James Private
Van Laarhoven, Johannes G. A . Private
Van Patten, Archie * Private First Class
Vascio, Troy Private
Venson, William T . Private
Verbaum, Jacob L . Private
Vest, Ellis M . Private
Vivola, Michele D . Bugler
Voce, Salvatore Private First Class
Vradenburgh, Arthur E . Private
Wagner, Frank P . Private
Waldmiller, Martin M . Private
Walker, Bruce L . Private
Walz, Matthew C . Private
Wanti, Joseph ...................................... Private
Warham, Cleave Private First Class
Washington, Andrew Private First Class
Watson, John P . Corporal
Webb, Asbury Private
Weinberg, Marcy Bugler First Class
Weiss, George Private First Class
Weiss, Robert 8 . Private
Welch, George R . Private First Class
Welch, Ivon N . Private
West, George W . First Sergeant
Whelan, William H . Private First Class
White, Henry T . Corporal
Whitney, Raymond ............. Sergeant
Whitney, Raymond E . Sergeant
Whitt, Wallace Corporal
Wickburg, Charles A . Private
Wilen, Gustaf A . Private
Williams, Bert Mechanic
Williams, Harry E . Private First Class
Wogatzke, Charles W.* Private
Wolnik, Joseph Private
Woodcock, Albert Private First Class
Woodhead, Enoch C . Private
Wright, Fred H . Private
Wright, Homer S . Private First Class
Wynot, Henry S . Private First Class
Yenne, Samuel P . Private First Class
Young, William C . Mechanic
Yudowitz, Isidore Private
Yunker, Johnnie Private
Zanata, Antonio Private
Zeeb, George C . Sergeant
Zimmerman, Joseph E . ................................. Sergeant
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