For the years 1891-1913


Selected passages from diaries of Richard M. Bayles
from 1872-1930


Some memories of Donald M. Bayles

written by,

Donald M. Bayles
in the year 2000

Building house on land bought from G.W. Ritch
Apr. 26 Aunt Minda Lee died
June 17 Joseph Davis shot himself at Yaphank
" 19 Mrs. Henry Hutchinson died (Katie)
" 26 in store for J.H.Randall
Aug. 27 at work in J.H.Randall store. E. Pfeiffer is sick
Sept. 1&2 drove grocery wagon
Oct. 20 Aunt Huldah Robinson (Eastport) died
Dec. 2 Mrs. Nancy King died (mother of Lydia Randall )

Jan. 1 Alone in Middle Island ( old homestead ) and teaching in Dist. # 16. Have house under way.
" 25 Clifford Randall died
Mar. 18 Everett Swezey died
" 23 started with J.H.Randall for the South
" 29 in Atlanta. J.H.Randall left for Macon
" 30 to Chattanooga and Knoxville
Apr. 2 reached home
Aug. 29 tending store for E. Pfeiffer. His clerk Jotham Swezey is sick.
Sept. 8 sold my house and lot to James A. Brevoort
Oct. 17 began teaching Dist. # 16 with 18 pupils
Dec. 2 Oscar Viertel taken insane this AM. Took him to County house.
" 6 Went down to J.H.Randall's to board tonight
" 29 bought lot of Henry Hutchinson. 1/2 acre.
" 31 began building office on hill lot.

Jan 1 Teaching in No. 16 at Middle Island but boarding at J.H. Randall's.
"11-13 One pupil at school.
" 24 S.E.R. and a man are at the old place pressing straw.
Feb. 4 Florence Rowland came to stay with Lydia while J.H. Randall is gone to Florida. I met her for the first time.
" 7 J.H. Randall starts for Florida.
" 9 German photographer takes view of L.K.R.'s house.
Mar. 7 Charlie Edwards began to work on roof of my office.
" 20 Mrs. Carrie Davis (Wm's wife ) died this morning.
" 29 Took a walk down in the woods with Florence.
Apr. 9 Sunday school organized for the year. J.H. Randall elected supt. as my succesor.
July 13 Florence and I were married today at 11 o'clock AM at Chas. Jones's. by Rev. E.A, Hazeltine. Present; Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Rowland, Charlie and Mattie Jones, Eva, Herbert, Mrs. Hazeltine, Eliza Ann, Alda, Margie, Jo. & Lydia Randall, Carrie Millard, Edna Randall, Bertha Woodruff.
" 31 Broke ground for the foundation of a house on my hill lot, 20 x 24.
Aug 7 Mr. Reed finished cistern.
Sept-Nov. ( entries in diary are very sparse )
Nov 25 Florence and I went to Riverhead and bought a stove.
Dec 2 Went with Florence to Millers Place and got a load of furniture.
" 6 Chas. Woodruff came up and told us of the death of Margie yesterday. Allie went home with him.
" 14 We moved some furniture up to office this morning. I slept in the office for first time tonight.
" 15 I went to Mt. Sinai to see Everett Rowland who is very sick.

Jan. 3 J.H.Randall & Lydia leave for Florida
Jan. 8 letters from J.H.Randall & Lydia from Jacksonville
18 Everett Rowland died - Mt. Sinai
Feb. 16 funeral of Mrs. Polly Randall
17 rec'd tripod and telescope from Gurley - price $ 13
Mar. 5 rec'd word that Lydia Randall had died (in Florida)
9 visit Uncle Elisha King
June 3 new church members - includes 4 Randalls
Aug. 7 tending store for E.P.
13 Henry P. Hutchinson died

Jan 1 On the hill at Middle Island, Florence and I are living in our new house, having moved into it a few weeks since.
Feb 4 Our first born son commenced to breathe and to cry at about 11:50 o'clock to-night. Dr. Baker attended. Our son is named Thomas Richard. Mama Rowland is with us.
" 9 A blizzard is in progress for the 2 or 3 days past. General over the country coldest weather for many years, with fierce winds.
Mar 3 5 members at church admitted: Mrs. Wm.L. Davis, Ed. Pfeiffer, Marcus Homan, Ernest Rand, Orville Randall.
" 25 Went over to Patchogue with Willet Swezey to survey his farm.
May 30 Let pasture about King place house and barn to Ed. Swezey for $ 2.50.
June 3 Newpaper clipping about death of Mrs. Charity Bayless Davis, widow of the late David Davis in Sandusky on June 1. Age 88 yrs. 6 mos. Her husband died in 1879.
" 11 Attended funeral of Mr. John Risley, who died June 9th.
" 20-22 In store for J.H.R.
" 27 On wagon to Selden for J.H.R.
Aug 8 Mrs. Brevoort died this forenoon.
" 20-29 Drove J.H.R.'s wagon.
Sept 12 Brevoort left this morning for his new home in Dutchess County.
" 24 Saw Edel Raynor and his wife (Speonk) about taking Anna Hutchinson. They are favorable.
Oct 18 Went to Miller Place and consulted heirs about selling King place.
Nov 14 Appraisers, R.F. Hawkins, Philetus Phillips, Jos. Hurtin appraised; north side of road $1,200; south side $300. Rental N. side $30, S. side $10. ( the H. Hutchinson place )
Nov. 25 J.H.Randall starts for Florida after marrying Alice R. Davis
Dec. 12 Will Still moved from H.P.H. house

Jan. 29 Aunt Catherine died at Stony Brook ( 2nd wife of Edward Swezey )
Feb. 1 Tillotson died last night a Coram
" 10 In Riverhead regarding adoption of Alice Hutchinson by Frank J. Tuthill & wife.
Mar. 7 Sale of H.P.H. ( Hutchinson ) estate
" 26 Was nominated for Town Clerk
Apr. 13 Adoption of Anna Hutchinson by Raynors of Speonk
" 17 House burns on Hiram Edwards place in Ridge
May 6 Mrs. Lewis R. Overton buried, age 90
" 18 Began building extension to back kitchen
June 27 Funeral of Uncle Wm. Lee
Aug. 6 Delivered deed of King farm to Thos. J. Dixon
Sept. 18 Received new transit

NOTE: Diary entries for next two years are very skimpy

Mar 15-18 Surveying for W.P. Dewey Jr. back of Brookhaven.
" 22-23 Surveying for S.E. Randall at Ridge.
May 22 Made appraisal af Jas. Swezey est. with T.B. Lee.
June 5 Conducted auction for Willet S. Swezey, administrator of Jas. Swezey Est. at Swezeytown this PM.
July 1 Began surveying what is called the "Yankee Lot". ( at Calverton - 3 weeks )
Aug. 13 Helped raise J.H.Randall's barn
Oct 19 Served on jury in Justice Randall's Court this PM.
Dec 23 Sent for Dr. Swezey at night. Son born about 9 o'clock PM.
Apr 30 Surveying woodland for Henry Bosch and Henry Megerle.
July 23 marriage of Edward Pfeiffer and Lizzie M. Swezey
Oct 29 Attended auction sale of movables at Mulford Homan's. Acted as auctioneer.
Nov 8 Attended election as pole clerk. 142 votes cast in 7th District.
Dec. 13 J.H.Randall and wife start for Florida.

NOTE: Years 1899 - 1902 are all in one small notebook.

Jan 9 Went up to Pine Lawn to begin surveying for Hagerman. It is a cemetery that is to be laid out. Hagerman appears on the noon train.
" 17 Went to West Deer Park Sta. and to the tract, surveying Section 1.
" 27 Miss Amelia Smith died.
Feb 14 Roads blocked. About 2 ft. of snow on the ground. No mail or RR. trains.
Mar 6 Began work on my greenhouse on front of horse shed.
" 16 Went up to Pine Lawn surveying.
Apr 3 At Pine Lawn.
" 13 Surveying for Com. of Highways at Artist Lake - taking levels.
May 6-31 At Pinelawn.
July 31 Began surveying for Wm. H. Moffitt near Brentwood.
Aug 26 Went to BayShore surveying for Moffitt. Finished.
" 30 Attended funeral of Mrs. Elbert Swezey this PM.
Sept 11 At Yaphank the blacksmith shop of Alexander Ivison burned to ground Saturday night and also adjoining wheelwright shop of Alfred Ackerly
" 18 working again on Greenlawn Cemetery
Nov. 2 Aunt Jennet Brush died
" 23 J.H. Randall and wife start for Florida

Jan. 5 Dixon's barn burned this morning
" 16 house of J Orlando Randall estate burned at 1 PM
" 24 daughter ( Beatrice ) born to Mrs. Katie Ritch
Feb. 16 began putting up greenhouse
May 8 Mrs. Louisa Overton died this evening ( at Helme's)
June 23 Wm. S. Swezey died this morning
" 29 Edgar G. Swezey died at 3 AM
July 2 Mrs. L.H.Davis died this morning
" 19 Mrs. McMullen died in Daniel Petty house at 7 AM
Aug. 25 Mrs. Charles J. Randall died AM
Sept. 25 James A. Randall died last night
Dec. 13 J.H. Randall and wife start for Florida
" 22 Nathaniel Nelson Munsell died this PM
" 25 The 4 of us took dinner at Mrs. E.G. Swezey's. Miss Emma Norton, E.Pfeiffer and Lizzie were there and Flora served.

Mar. 6 M.I. Post office changed to Pfeiffer's store
Apr. 9 J.H. Randall came home
May 13 Received word that Alda Swezey Woodruff of Bellport died last night ( Richard's cousin )
Sept. 6 Pres. McKinley shot at Buffalo
" 30 James Smith died at Longwood
Oct. 2 Jacob E. Mott died in his farm wagon returning from Bellport
Dec. 3 J.H. Randall and wife start for Florida

Mar. 14 Geo. W. Fry died at Rocky Point
Apr. 5 J.H. Randall and wife return from Florida
June 23 To 49 Chambers St., N.Y. to complete inventory of Fry estate. Expenses $ 3.75.
July 17 Went to P.J. and finished work on inventory G.W.Fry Est. This makes 5 days and $6 disbursements on this matter.
Sept. 17 Ogden Van Horn died on 15th.
Oct 24 Surveying for Ch. J. Randall.
Nov 4 As poll clerk at election all day.
" 15 Surveying for John G. Randall at Ridge
" 22 Auctioneer for Chas. J. Randall.
Dec 10 Completed map for J.G. Randall and sent it to him .

Jan. Tax collector sits at Pfeiffer's - paid taxes
Apr. J.H. Randall and Alice arrive home
Apr. 18 Parish meeting makes call for Rev. Norris
Apr. 19 Rev. Norris in pulpit
Apr. 23 Auction for John C. Fry estate at the lake
June 4 Arthur W. Viertel and Miss Constance B. Barker married last night
Atmosphere is filled with smoke. Unusual phenomenon
June 9 I. Freeman married Geo. Williams Seaman at Artist lake
June 13 Conducted auction of household goods for Samuel S. Davis, Coram
July 9 Rec'd word of death of John H. Hudson on July 7
July 12 Funeral of Alice Ashton
Aug. 8 Went to Setauket to appraise J. Hudson estate (at Norwood)
Aug. 13 Paid E.P. for horse work, etc. to date
Aug. 16 Florence Smith died
Aug. 22 Went to Gerard's, Yaphank and bought wagon load of lumber
Aug. 25 Terrific wind storm about 4 PM blew off apples and pears. Had to light lamp.
Sept. 27 Funeral of Sylvester Davis
Nov. 18 Ordered 10 bu. of potatoes of V.F.Edwards at 70 cents

Feb. 7 J.H.Randall house burned down at 4 AM
Apr. 7 J.H. Randall and Alice arrive
May 16 J.H. Randall starts new house
June 24 J.H. Randall and wife begin housekeeping in new kitchen
June 28 Special school meeting to vote on new school house - 21 no - 5 yes
July 25 Mrs. Minerva Hutchinson died last night
Oct. 26 Lizzie Pfeiffer died last night
Oct. 29 First ride in automobile
Nov. 26 Telephone poles set to top of hill
Dec. 21 Telephone wires led to house

Jan 4 A tempestuous night last night and a small blizzard is upon us.
" 16 Telephone installed in house
" 25 Blizzard & over week of sub-zero weather. Trains and mail do not get through for two days.
Feb 4 Measured lots for Leon Edwards and Geo. Albin and made deeds.
" 18 W.W. Ruland called for his sister B. whose house at Mt. Sinai & some furniture burned yesterday AM.
Mar 8 Attended meet;ing of the Town Board at Pat;chog;ue.
" 9 Planted tomato and pepper seeds in greenhouse.
" 13 Ed. Swezey & Co. are sawing wood for us. Finished about 8 cords.
" 15 Went to Patchogue to see the Town Rep. convention. Got my name before the convention but lost the nomination for Justice.
" 17 Howard Swezey & wife called and made payment $250 on E.A.S. farm. ( Richard's Uncle Edward A. Swezey )
" 20 Made papers - mortgages , etc. for Howard Swezey to Eliza Ann Randall (dau. of E.A.S.) and to Wm.H. Fry. Howard & wife executed them and I delivered deed of the E.A. Swezey farm to him this PM.
Apr 1 Surveyed north line of Mrs. Elizabeth Randall's farm at the Ridge.
" 10 Wallace Ruland executes his constable bond.
" 11 C.J.R. with man to look at Mrs. A.E.S. place. ( Ann Swezey place )
" 12 Mrs. Elmira Swezey called and settled about pond case.
May 1 Fire starts near Miller Place RR. bridge south side of track and runs before a fierce N.W. gale, down to Ridge. Burned 300 cords wood of Gilbert Randall's. We go PM north to fight it. Fire crosses Whiskey Rd. east of Ruland's, comes down east of Bailey Rd. to Lake, crossing Country Rd. east of Foxe's.
" 2 Fires are burning in different directions.
" 15 Dug 1,000 strawberry plants this forenoon.
" 24 Spraying J.H.R.'s apple trees.
" 26 Sprayed apple trees for Mrs. A.E.S. 3 hrs. this AM.
" 27 Mrs. Amelia Deborah Swezey Borland died Thursday the 25th AM.
June 1 Spent most of day on hen coops for Thomas's chickens, which have hatched.
" 24 At Patchogue, witness on Phillips vs. Vanderbilt case before Judge Smith.
" 27 E. Webster Overton died.
July 4 Fixed up the boys' "fort" and hoed strawberries. Had quite a party in the evening at the display of fireworks.
" 6 Hewlett Mott cultivated gardens & plowed peach tree patch.
" 8 At Patchogue on case of Phillips vs. Vanderbilt.
" 16 Fry's horse ran away 10 o'clock PM past here.
" 26 Went to Rononkoma this AM . Surveyed farm of Chas. W. Hawkins Est.
Aug 24 Went to Millers Place on Sunday School picnic with the party. 12 wagons, 83 persons.
" 29 Florence and the boys go to P. Jeff. to make a visit among north side friends for a few days.
Sept 5 Went to Farmingville surveying land for John Domercq. L.E.R. with me.
" 11 School begins, C.D.Lighthall teacher.
" 27 Went to Miller Place to funeral of Uncle Joseph N. King.
Oct 11 Went to survey land of Ham Smith Estate, West Yaphank. They talk of selling for the site of a Sanitorium.
" 16 Finished my map and mailed it to John Roe Smith.
Nov 7 Served as Poll Clerk at Election. 107 votes at the poll: 62 R. 41 D., 2 Pro., 1 Soc.
" 20 walked to J.G. Randall's new house to see about insurance.
Dec. 6 J.H.Randall and Alice start for Florida

Jan. 9 T. Dixon's house and contents burned 11 AM. Mrs. Dixon burned to death.
17 made map for Miller of Mrs. S. land
26 Mama Rowland died
Feb. 4 to Riverhead to search title Ann E. Swezey farm
22 Peter Wenner concluded deal for A.E.Swezey farm
Mar. 1 Mr. Miller arrives on A.E.Swezey place
2 Mrs. Bosch's house burned 3 AM
8 ran auction of Mrs. Ann E. Swezey farm, implements, etc.
Apr. J.H.Randall and wife came home
21 Sidney H. Ritch died at Passaic, N.J.
22 sat with Shep Ritch who is sick with pneumonia
May 4 Samuel W. Silkworth takes title to 60 acre Edwin Hutchinson farm
14 earth shock at 4:30 AM is explosion of powder magazine at Bridgeport
Aug 2 Went to Selden this PM and examined organ for J.F.Byrne in R.C. church. Rec'd letter from Mrs. Graham acknowledging receipt of check in conclusion of farm deal. ( I believe that the old Bayles homestead on Mt. Sinai Rd. had been sold to Graham )
" 7 Elected trustee at sch. meeting this evening.
" 15 The S.S. picnic is appointed to Sound at Woodhull's Landing. Almost 80 on the beach. Pleasant day.
" 16 Went to Riverhead on Robert F. Hawkin's search for C.E. Howell.
" 28 L.E.R. went to M.P. for wood twice. Finished with the 2nd load in evening.
Sept 15 I gathered 19 baskets peaches.
" 6&7 Surveying at S.H.Miller's ( Mt. Sinai ). H.B. & horse, & Thos. with me. (H.B.=Herb. Benjamin)
" 12 Surveying for Thos. J. Smith. H.B. & horse & Thos. ( Thos. was 11 yrs. old )
" 15 Surveyed C.E. Howell west line AM and ran an auction for him PM.
" 23 Mr. Johnston comes to teach school, arrives just at dinner time.
" 24 School begins.
Oct 18 Alice Randall returns home.
" 28 Flora (Dixon) was home yesterday helping Mrs. S. (Ann Swezey ) move into her new house.
Nov 1 We put up the school house bell this AM.
" 5 G.B. Topping 1/2 day slaked lime preparing to build foundation for new bedroom.
" 6 Served as poll clerk. G.B.T. put up bedroom foundation.
" 9-11 At work on (new) poultry house.
" 27-30 Roswell Edwards, L.E. Ritch, & G.B. Topping working on new bedroom.
Dec 4 J.H.R. & Alice leave home for Florida this PM.
" 5 Ed. Swezey sawed my wood - 5 1/4 cords. Paid him $ 4.00.
" 6 Rec'd check for $45 from Eagle for Almanac work.
" 8 Went to Yaphank to survey Krabbe-Iveson line and make deed. L.E.R. and horse.
" 11 Mrs. Elizabeth Norton died, age 91.

Mar. 23 Frank M. Edwards died at Swezeytown
Mar. 30 Mary T. Davis died
Apr. 1 J.H. Randall and wife arrive home
May 12 Funeral of L. Irving Overton at Coram
July 28 E. Pfeiffer and Jennie Overton married last night
Aug. 6 Elected trustee at school meeting
Sept. 9 Funeral of Shepard Ritch
Sept. 14 Prosser's barns burned this AM
Oct. 6 Elsie Viertel in city for her wedding
Oct. 15 Joseph R. Rowland died ( Florence's father )
Nov. 5 Served as poll clerk at election. 77 votes
Dec. 9 J.H. Randall and wife leave for Florida
Dec. 25 Tended store for E.P.

February Working on midway building (connecting office and shop)
Jan.-Mar. Herb. Benjamin working on office extension and back kitchen.
Apr. 6 J.H.Randall and wife arrive (from Fla.)
Aug. 4 Elected school trustee for 4th year
Aug. 19 paid H.B. $ 2.75 for him and his team for day to survey in Rocky Point
Sept. 8 Alonzo P. Homan died at Yaphank
" 11 Ethel Swezey Edwards died ( wife of Victor Edwards )
" 15 funeral of Victor Edwards little boy who died after his mother's funeral
Nov. 3 poll clerk at Election - 166 votes
" 28 paid Ed. Swezey 65 cents a cord for sawing wood
J.H.Randall leaves for Fla.
Jan 20 Went to Riverhead to complete search for Dennis Murphy.
" 23 Nehemiah B. Overton died at Yaphank this AM.
" 25 Surveyed J.J. Edwards 10 acre tract near Whiskey Rd. this PM. L.E.R. helped.
" 29 Went to Patchogue. Had Herb. Benjamin's horse. Paid him $ 1.25 for it.
Feb 4-6 Working on Selden cemetery map.
" 13 With Albert's help printed 6,500 B.Bailey auction of horses, wagons, etc. at Hagen's.
" 15-19 Printing Young's seed envelopes. 25M.
" 22 Attended funeral of Mrs. Louise Still PM.
Mar 27 Worked on a new cold frame between office and shop steps.
Apr 1 Surveyed E. Hutchinson line with J.H.R. - also my west line.
" 2 J.H.R. and wife arrive from Florida.
" 6 At Town election as poll clerk. 165 ballots cast. Rep. ticket defeated.
" 13 Setting strawberries.
May 4 Gardening. Sowed peas, sage, spinach, set onions, planted corn.
" 6 I.H. Smith plowed & harrowed peach orchard. Paid him $2.00.
" 13 Mr. Norris called to N.Y. by sickness of his daughter Katharika (sp.?). She died this evening.
" 18 Went to New York to consult with W.T. Cox about Dyer's and George's Necks, by his request. L.E.Ritch went with me. Isaac Robbins died at Yaphank 12 o'clock last night.
" 20 Ed. Swezey cultivated garden. Paid him 75 cts,
June 11 Wrote G.B.Topping'swill.
July 7 Made map of Sch.Dist. 16.
" 8 Surveying Morris farm AM.
" 11 Discovered some aimal is eating our chickens.
" 13 Found 'coon that has been after chickens.
" 15 Went to Selden this AM to repair organ in R.C. church. Had Pfeiffer's rig.
" 17 Surveying for Roswell Davis at Yaphank on Gerard Road towardSouth Haven.
Aug 1 Went up to cemetery to burial of Mrs. Elizabeth Smith ( wid. of Ham ) PM.
" 3 Sch.eeting elects me trustee again.
" 10 Went to Riverhead on search Daniel Edwards title.
Sept 11 Gathered peaches most of day.
" 20 School begins with Carrie Thompson teacher.
" 23 Thos. goes to Brookhaven on his wheel after school to distribute catalogues. Returns wet and muddy.
" 25 Thos. went with his catalogues to P.J., Mt.Sinai, and Miller Place. Put out 145. Wallie Mott drove for him. Paid him $2.50.
Oct 4 Thos. goes with me to Riverhead, I work in Clerk's Office till evening. At evening we take train to Greenport. Stop at Clark House, and attend moving picture show in evening.
" 5 We take boat at 8:40 AM to New London. PM take trolley to Norwich, thence to Willimantic. Arrive there about 4:30. After supper take R.R. train to Putnam. Stopped at "Putnam Inn", which was once Bugbee House.
" 6 We took trolley at 7:30 down the Quinneboug Valley and trolleyed all the way to New London. Arrive little past 11. Look around city and at 1 PM took steamer "Manhansett" to Greenport. At 7:05 took train up to Riverhead and stopped there the night.
" 7 Thos. takes 8 o'clock train for Yaphank. I work in Clk's office on Bartlett's pond search same as Monday, until train time PM.
" 12 Sch. has vacation today "Columbus Day" a new holiday.
" 15 Frederick Ehlers Sr. died this PM.
" 18 At work writing my abstract of Bartletts pond title. Worked on it till 10:30 PM.
" 30 J.H.R. brought 9 3/4 cords wood. Paid him $ 2.30 a cord.
Nov 2 At election as poll clerk - 76 votes.
" 4 W.C.T.U. meeting at our house PM.
" 12 Cynthia Hutchinson is found dead in her house this AM.
" 15 Went to Riverhead to arrange for proof of Miss Htcinson's willl. I am Executor.
" 16 Went to Patchogue. Met with Trustees about Bartlett's Pond title. Ed. Swezey drove.
Dec 4 J.H.R. and wife start this PM for Florida, to stop in and about city till Wednesday. (Dec. 8)
" 30 Lumber came from Fanning for new building.

Feb. 7 coldest day of winter -2 degrees
" 19 mailed inventory of Cynthia Hutchinson estate to Surrogate
" 26 surveying E.Pfeiffer farm paid L.E.Ritch $ 3.00 for 2 days
Mar. 2 odered bicycles
Apr. 10 J.H. Randall and wife arrived home
" 14 Hutchinson brothers go to C. H. house to look over things left them by Cynthia
May 17 finished setting Miss C. Hutchinson monument. Funeral of Edna Randall Davis at Mt.Sinai.
" 24 Albert went to P.J. on his wheel with Allie Ritch
" 25 Hewlett Mott harrowed and plowed in peach orchard. Paid him $ 2.00
" 27 saw comet first time this morning
June 2 W.R. Fry signed contracts for C. Hutchinson farm
" 4 paid Ed Swezey $ 2.00 to drive to P.J.
July 2 went by auto to Patchogue. Paid Harold Davis $ 2.00
" 13 went to Riverhead. Had M. Van Horn's pony
" 23 making map of C.H. farm
" 24 funerals of Samuel Davis and Mrs. Sarah (Floyd) Edwards.
" 31 went to see ruins of store of R. Davis which burned down about 5 AM
Aug. 2 elected school trustee again
Sept. 5 Thos. and Everett Topping went to Millers Place with peaches
" 6 " " " " Moriches with peaches
" 7 " " " " East Moriches with peaches
" 15 Mrs. Hilliker began teaching in school
" 16 went to Riverhead fair with J.H. Randall Florence, Minerva H., and Mr. Norris also.
" 22 surveying 21 acre tract of C.H. farm
" 30 writing paper "Motive and Method" for C.E. Convention at Eastport Oct.5
Oct. 24 begin work on hen house in orchard
" 27 Johnstone with bi-plane lands in Dr. Van Horn's lot
" 28 many persons at Van Horn's to see Johnstone start flight back to Belmont Park at 1:15 PM.
" 31 begin setting foundation for barn
Nov. 1 John Davis and Lewis Ritch helping frame barn
" 5 put up booths in office for election
" 6 Mrs. Smith Still died
" 8 election at office. I am poll clerk as usual
" 11 Thos. and Albert go to Patchogue and back on wheels
" 26 Thos. went to Brooklyn to enter Kissick's Business School. Montague (Hutchinson) starts with him. Is to go to Cornell for course in poultry raising.
Dec. 5 J.H. Randall and wife leave for Florida
" 7 a foot or more of snow fell
" 28 burial of Capt. Henry Smith

Jan. 15 funeral of Uncle Thomas Bayles at P.J.
Feb. 24 news that Percy Davis was killed in Seattle last night
Mar. 6 J. Percy Davis funeral who was shot
" 10 W.R. Fry died last night
" 12 Thomas, Albert, Lillian Lee, Myrtle Ruland, Martha Smith rec'd into church
" 14 heard that Minerva H. died last night in Willard Parker Hospital in N.Y.
" 30 mailed check tlo Elbert Hutchinson $ 368.33 balance, one third proceeds for C. HUTCHINSON farm.
Apr. 1 J.H. Randall and Alice come home
" 27 J. Butler plowing all day, one horse
May 2 made school trustee again
June 15 surveying north line of Dist. No. 13
NOTE: Most of July spent working on school district maps
July 13 J.H. Randall and wife hurt in auto smash
" 30 Miller family from Freeport at church in 2 autos
Aug. 13 Thos. goes with E.P. (Edward Pfeiffer) on evening train to Brooklyn to go to work in Bread making office and store
Sept. 7 gathered 110 baskets of peaches
" 11 school begins with Miss Martha Rakow as teacher
" 21 many autos pass going to fair at Riverhead. Atwood flies in aeroplane and landed at County farm, Yaphank, gasoline failing
Nov. 7 poll clerk at election in office
" 8 John Murray died last night at Mrs. I.H. Smith's
" 27 J.H.Randall and wife left for Florida
Dec. 11 Willett S. Swezey killed in N.Y. by strikes
" 18 Mrs. Wm. L. Davis died

Jan.. 22 Thos. begins work for E.Pfeiffer in store
Feb. 1 completed school district maps
" 11 Thos. is in P. J. to order auto
" 26 primary election in office - 7 votes
Mar. 30 J.H. Randall and Allice arrive at noon
Apr. 4 Thos. goes to P. J. and brings auto home
" 5 Thos. exercises auto most of the day
Hutchinsons come home from winter in Bridgeport
May 7 school district meeting. Elected trustee again
" 24 heavy thunderstorms 7 to 8 PM. Higgins home struck and burned
June 5 attended funeral of Mr. Higbie
" 11 surveying line between J.H. Randall and C.S. Miller
" 19 Albert finishes exams at Patchogue
" 21 took first lesson steering auto
July 7 Robert S. Overton died at Shoreham
" 25 Mrs. Benj. Hallock died
Ice cream social at parsonage
Aug. 1 to picnic on Sound Ave. with John Wells family
Sept. 18 boys go to Riverhead Fair
Oct.18&19 registration board occupies office
" 22 Thos. goes to N.Y. to buy an auto
" 26 all day at school with H. Randall arranging stove, etc.
Nov. 5 election held in office. I serve as poll clerk. 141 votes.
" 22 Uncle Elisha King died at Kings Park Hospital
" 28 Harold Davis and Inez Swezey married
Dec. 2 J.H. Randall and wife start for Florida.
" 21 Paid Town tax $ 10.73

Jan. 1 Thos. came from P.J. with his auto and returned with the red one.
" 6 Benjamin Davis died
" 27 burial of John R. Dayton
Feb. 2 Daniel H. Buckingham died
" 6 Sam Dare died at Selden
" 12 Albert tries his ice boat
" 15 Little girl born at J. Butler's
Mar. 24 Thos. begins telegraph lessons at Shoreham
" 25 Auction at John Butler's PM. Small company
" 29 J.H. Randall and wife arrived home
Apr. 8 Thos. went to Bridgeport and traded his auto for a motorcycle
" 10 Thos. sells his autocycle to Phil Still
May 6 school meeting. Am relieved of trustee's office after 8 years
" 16 survey line at Ridge between R.F. Randall and G.O.R.
June 5 burial of Minerva Davis
" 30 funeral of Mrs. Mary F. Edwards ( widow of Orlando )
July 15 Thos. goes on picnic to Savin Rock
Johnnie Rowland came from Pueblo, Col.
" 22 Chas. J. Randall died last night at his home in Woodhaven
Sept. 3 sold eggs for 40 cents and peaches for 50
" 11 Albert goes on truck with Miller to Amityville with peaches
" 18 went to Riverhead Fair with Albert and auto
" 20 Thos. went to city and came home with Johnnie
" 23 Johnnie goes to N.Y. to hospital. Thos. goes with him.
" 28 Johnnie came on evening train
Oct. 9 John H. Rowland died at 11:45 PM. Florence and I alone were watching him
" 11 Registration Board meets in office
" 12 funeral of brother John Rowland at the house
Burial at Cedar Hill Cemetery. Fanny Rowland came from Brooklyn
" 15 Thos. and I went to C. Moriches to poultry auction. Did no business. Had auto collision coming away and cut gash in my chin and broke windshield.
" 18 Mr. Tuthill calls to see Thomas about job as clerk in New Suffolk
Nov. 4 election in office
" 25 funeral of Mrs. Julia Gordon, wife of Edw. Gordon at Geo. Prosser's
" 29 J.H. Randall and Alice start for Fla.
Dec. 6 made search of Dixon property since 1896 at Riverhead
" 22 paid Town tax of $ 13.09
" 29 Albert Ackerly died
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