For the years 1872-1890

Richard M. Bayles Diaries
abstract by
Mr. Donald Bayles
August, 2000

Items from diaries of Richard Bayles

Apr. 15 In Port Jefferson. Sold my shop at Middle Island to Alanson Overton,
" 16 Rode out home with A.J.Parker. Went to work clearing out shop. Attempted to sell rubbish at auction Thurs. - nobody came. Tried again Friday, then Saturday and sold out - about $20.
May 8 Walked over to Old Field this afternoon. Temp. 88 degrees
" 10 Came over to Stony Brook in stage. Very hot - 91. Went out rowing this afternoon with Mary E.H.
" 20 Came over to Port Jefferson. Found Eliza Ann gone out to MI so I stayed and helped Selah.
June 7 Went over and helped the ladies get the stoves down in church.
July 4 Went on picnic with Eastport people up the bay to Floyd's Grove, Mastic - 80 people - two boats. The "Gazelle" carried the party and a smaller sloop took the provisions. After dinner we went over to the beach. Back to Eastport about 6 o'clock. Went to see display of fireworks in evening.
Aug. 31 Went to Port Jefferson with Joe Randall and employed Dr. Burns to pull a tooth. He pulled the wrong one and I paid him 50 cents for the job.
Sept. 4 Went again to PJ and got Dr. V.Smith to dig out the aching tooth. He got the right one and only charge 25 cents.
Oct. 7 Overton has gone to NY and left me in charge of the Editorial dept. of "The Leader". have been trying to furnish the boys with copy.
Nov. 18 Started in storm for PJ. Too late for stage at Coram. Walked all the way over.
Dec. 29 Overton went to NY to get press work done on book this PM.
Cost of book "Sketches of Suffolk County":
7 reams of paper $ 65.10
6 " 54.60
Composition, presswork, Overton 343.50 75 cents a page
Stereotyping 434 pages 151.90
Binding 140.85
Express 4.25
Back stamp 10.00
Printing, binding - 2nd edition 264.00
Total cost $ 1034.20

July 4 My rowboat, which I have been several weeks building, being now afloat, I took it on a voyage of discovery this morning. Rowed around Setauket harbor and called on my relatives until a heavy thunder shower came up so remained all night and came home to PJ afoot.
July 7 Went to Setauket and brought my boat around this morning. Rough rowing near the mouth of Setauket harbor. The 3 masted schooner "Emma Aery" launched this afternoon from yard of CDB & So
" 14 Went on S.S. picnic - 10 or 12 boats. Went with my row boat and took in 5 girls, 2 of whom did the rowing. Location, Cedar Grove, Strong's neck.
" 21 Went out to Mr. Lee's to Bayles family picnic. 50 present.
Aug. 28 Received 250 books from S.W.Green by packet "Jacob Duryee" this afternoon. Second edition.
Sept. 22 Rowed down to Old Field.
Oct. 6 Went to Coram to go to PJ in the stage but the stage didn't wait for me and I walked over to Cumsewog and then rode down the hill on a load of straw.
Nov. 16 Husking corn. First days work at farming I have done in two years or more. Helped pull and cut turnips. Looked over my account with Uncle Edw. for board since June 3, 1872 and find I have been here 41 weeks.
Dec. 3 Canvassing for books Bellport and Brookhaven with poor success.
" 6 Went out in the woods to gather Christmas green. Attended prayer meeting and singing circle in the evening.
" 23 Attended donation at Rev. Woodruff's. Receipts cash $ 66.25.

Mar. 2 Started to go up to Temperance Caucus at LHD's this afternoon. Was too late. ; They nominated me for Town Clerk.
" 31 Republican caucus at Coram today. Nominate J.W.Phillips for supervisor. Cutting ice to get steamer "Brookhaven" out of harbor.
Apr. 7 I am taking lessons in housekeeping - washing dishes, cooking, making beds, etc. The Democrat ticket victorious as usual.
" 14 Whitest looking morning for time of year I ever saw. Snow fell all night and is about 12 inches deep.
May 16 Helped Chris Swezey build a kitchen chimney at the parsonage.
" 20 Finished papering Mrs. King's room today. Old Hugh got drunk down in her cellar where she had sent him to clean out. He helped himself to the cider until I had to help carry him out.
" 31 Commence painting the house for Uncle Edward.
June 2 Went over to Robert Smith's wedding reception this afternoon. Large gathering, about 300 people.
July 20 Came out this morning to Bayles family picnic. Had photographer there but old Mrs. Graham would not let us use the old house for a back ground.
" 25 I created quite a sensation among my friends by shaving my chin. Five years have passed since it was shaved before.
" 29 Attended funeral of Miss Sally Hudson this afternoon, age 84.
Aug. 19---Tried to sleep last night in grandmother's bedroom as my room being turned out to make way for the mason to work. Fought bedbugs until I became demoralized and retreated in disorder to the northeast room where I found a quiet asylum.
Aug. 21--- Finished painting the back roof and picket fence. Happy day, I think I shall retire from the painting business. The job is done,
Oct. 2; - Finished making ink. News of capsizing of the sloop "Syrin" off Conn. shore creates some sensation.
Oct. 3, - Walked with Selah around to Mt. Sinai harbor along the shore and back across the Neck.
Oct. 5; - Rode out (from P.J.) with L H Davis to Coram and walked to Middle Island. Went over to prayer meeting in Mliddle District this evening.
Oct. 13, Walked toward Medford, overtook Ham Smith and rode to Patchogue. Took train to Bay Shore and attended evening session of Suff. County Temperance Society Convention.
Nov. 5; Came out to M.I. with 'Will Randall on hay wagon. Went to the choir meeting at Mrs. King's.
Nov. 6; Pulled most of my crop of turnips. About 15 bushels.
Nov. 13 - Helped husk corn all day and went up to Mr. Pearsall's praise meeting at Coram this evening. Very pleasant time and good audience.
Nov. 17 - Went up to Edw.J. Swezey's and cut a load of firewood for Miriam Hudson. Went without dinner and was tired out. Attended Praise meeting in Pres. church this evening.
Nov. 18 - EIbert Swezey brought wood down and took my turnips, 16 bushels at 15 cents.
Nov. 18 - Helped Uncle Edw. get in stalks this afternoon, Two loads, one for Temmy Hudson and one for George Ritch.
Thursday Nov. 25 - Attended Thanksgiving service M.I. Pres. church this morning. Came over to P.J. after dinner with Uncle Edw. Eliza Ann has daughter born last night. Eckford Robinson returns from Kansas.
Dec. 24 - Shipped 1/2 gross ink to Web by Medford stage this morning. Sent letters to several agents offering book at 1.00 each.
Sat. Jan. 1 - The most beautiful weather for the time of year that I ever knew. Warm and summerlike. Thermometer stood about 90 in the sun and 60 in the shade in the middle of the day.
Jan.3 - I attended a "sheet and pillow case" party at Bentley's this evening. The men are clothed in waterproof cloaks and women in sheets and pillow cases, all masked. The first thing of the kind I ever attended.
Feb. 10 - Bought a watch this afternoon and traded it away in part payment for a coat this evening.
March 20 - Rigged up my costume today and appeared tonight as a Continental in the Old Folk's Concert at the Baptist church this evening. A full house and good entertainment and old fashioned supper afterward.
April 27 Fire breaks out near the railroad this afternoon and burns three houses in the neighborhood of "Dark Hollow". All the men in the village(P.J) turn out to fight it.
May 30 The Suff. County Temp. Convenetion meets here in P.J. in the Pres. church this evening. Saw my old Northville Academy teacher. He was present and addressed the meeting. J. N. Hallock
June 10 Fanning and I walked down to the public picnic at Homan's Hollow this noon. Went aboard the schooner "Copy" and sailed outside the harbor's mouth. Very pleasant sail. Two schooners with about 300 persons aboard.
June 21 Selah and Eliza Ann and children went out to the Ridge this afternoon to attend marriage ceremonies of Isabel Randall and Dr. 'VanHorn
June 23 Attended a meeting at the schoolhouse this evening, (P.J.) for the purpose of organizing a North Side Educational Association.
July 3 Attended the monthly Temperance meeting at Meth. church this evening and afterward helped in getting out the old cannon which had been buried under Mather's lumber shed, and took it over to Brickkiln where it was fired off. A continuous din kept up most of the night all about the streets celebrating the centennial fourth of July. Guns, bombs, steam whistles, and other devices for making a noise are played upon with vigor. The day is celebrated on Brickkiln by oratio, declaration, singing and band music, fireworks and guns. Finished up about 10 oclook at night.
July 21 I came out from P.J. with Coram stage and brought baggage, without any thought of returning.
July 23 A severe hail storm with stones as large as hickory nuts coming down by the bushel and covering the ground. Windows were broken in several houses.
Aug. 1 - Went over to P.J. this morning and made a kettle of ink. Went with Edw.J.S. from his house and returned with Uncle Edw. Delivered 1/2 gross ink to S. M. Swezey.
Sept. 6 - At work all day fixing tables etc. in the parsonage for the Fair. Attended the ice cream and candy table in the evening. Pleasant night. Not large company. Receipts $96.44.
Sept. 19 - Went to P.J. this morning with Uncle E's team and 3 ladies. Saw Joe Randall who was boarded and robbed in Flushing Bay last Sat. morning by river pirates who shot his mate EIisha Davis, (ran schooner)
Oct. 1 - Sidney H. Ritch is with us this morning to lead in singing in church.
Oct. 19 - Mulford Homan's house burned down about 2 oclock this morning.
Oct. 22 - The organ for the church came Saturday. I tried it in the church service this morning for the first time.
Oct. 24 - Alice Davis came down and played the new organ for awhile.
Nov. 2 - Attended the Sewing Society at L.H.D. Coram and the ladies decide to keep the new organ.
Aug. 13 Presbytery meets according to notice and dissolves pastoral relations between Mr.Woodruff and the Middletown church.
Aug. 21 Went down to Yaphank and got a tent and fixed it up for an awning for the Fair at Moses Swezey's today. I attended the ice cream table. Receipts about $ 75.00. Played croquet by moonlight until 12 oclock.
Sept. 6- Went over to Wading River after beach plums with George Ritch's folks. Found great quantities of them on cliffs of Nathaniel Tuthill.
Sept, 15 Cutting up corn for Uncle Edw. every day for several days.
Sept. 25 Benjamin T. Hutchinson died this morning at about 1.30 AM, aged 69 years, 6 mos., 23 days.
Sept. 27 Funeral of Mr. Hutchinson at the church this afternoon. Mr. Woodruff officiates before a full house. Came to East-port. Eckford has the post office and a little store in his front room.
Nov. 11 Middle Island. Grandmother died this morning about noon after an illness of only two or three days.
Nov. 13 Grandmother's funeral held this afternoon at the church. Mr. Woodruff conducts the services. Sermon from text, "l have fought a good fight, I have finished my course etc." A large number of friends are here. Aunt H. and the girls remain and attend to dividing grandmother things and cleaning up the rooms etc.
Dec. 3 Will Davis comes down at evening and engages me to teach the Coram school at $6.50 a week, to begin tomorrow. A young lady teacher has been obliged to abandon it due to the rudeness of the pupils.
Dec. 4 Commenced teaching. My first day passed without any serious outbreaks. Commisioner Mount visits school before noon.
Dec. 20 The Methodist Fair which takes place at Ham Smith's this evening attracts the interest of the children so much that the school is almost deserted this afternoon.
Dec. 22 Went with J.H. Randall and RSO and brought in a lot of Christmas green for decoration for the Christmas tree exercises. Had singing meeting in the church this afternoon and met at Mrs. King's this evening.
Dec. 24 Ordered an organ of Prince & Co. for Edgar Swezey.
Dec. 25 Working all day trimming and fixing up the church for Christmas tree and exercises this evening. The house about filled and everything passed pleasantly.
Jan. 1 At home at Middle Island. Teaching school at Coram. EIlen Swezey and William Hallock married last night. Went to my school today. Old George Green and his "squaw" (Negro Indians) kept New Years too hard yesterday and she laid out all night and froze to death.
Jan. 11 Joe Hudson arrives here today, having been absent from home since last spring on southern voyage.
Jan. 25 Attendance at school has increased a little this week but we have only averaged about 14 pupils.
Feb. 9 'Went to work with the help of Joe Randall and Uncle Edw. and got the church organ back in the gallery.
Feb. 27 Attended the wedding of Irene Lee and John P. Hawkins at her father's house this evening. Mr. Woodruff officiates.
March 3 Mr. Finch preaches and declines the offer of the trustees.
March 21 Had a contest this noon with one of my little girls whom I had sentenced to stand in the chair 10 minutes. With several of the large girls to encourage her, she resisted for about half an hour, but finally fulfilled her programme.
March 23 Went up this afternoon to see the boys play baseball at S.M.Swezey's. Coram and Middle Island played.
April 2 Went to Town Meeting this afternoon. A very large turnout. Pleasant day. 1699 votes polled. Several candidates on the Republican ticket elected. It took the board all night to canvass the votes.
April 9 Came to Riverhead on the noon train. Fell in with a crowd of teachers and went to the Griffin House to board. Attended the Institute this afternoon. Horace Randall died.
May 28 Rode out from Port Jeff with L H Davis to Coram, and stopped there and helped the girls overhaul their melodeon, and walked home to M. I.
June 10 There is no minister to conduct services this morning and I am requested to read a sermon which I do.
June 13 Went up to Edgar Swezey's and played croquet all forenoon.
Jul 4 Went to Eastport and went with about 125 people on a sailing party to the beach opposite Center Moriches Capt. Will Tuttle's sloop "Lucy Ball
July 15 Came back to Middle Island by RR to Yaphank and rode up with Henry Hutchinson.
July 18 Terrible HOT. The two hottest days ever known by the oldest inhabitant. Thermometer went as high as 98, and stood at 96 for 8 hours today.
July 24 Played croquet with Sid Ritch and Robert Overton this afternoon. The funeral of Van Ranselaer Swezey is held at Yaphank this afternoon.
Aug. 7 Came to Greenport and took steamer "Sunshine" to Hartford.
Aug, 9 Came back by steamer to Chester. Terrific blast of rain, hail, wind, thunder and lightning just at night. A tornado at Wallingford. Heard of loss of life and property by the tornado at Wallingford. 35 houses blown down and over 30 persons killed and many others injured.
Aug. 15 Walked down to Deep River and took steamer Sunshine to Greenport and walked up to Southold at night.
Aug. 16 Came by RR to Yaphank and rode with Train most of way home.

Jan. 1 I am here in Middle Island. Have failed to find anything to do this winter. Christmas tree in church. I received presents and made presents to my class.
Jan. 3 Coldest day known in years, 6 to 20 below zero in places about the parish. Milk freezes as it strikes the pail in drops as I milk, and water freezes as it strikes my clothes as I draw it and carry to the animals.
Jan. l9 William Sidney Smith died. Thermometer about zero.
Jan. 23 Attended the funeral of William Sidney Smith, Longwood.
Feb. 20 William L. Davis and Carrie Overton are married this noon. Mr. Youngs, formerly of Yaphank, officiates, and Mr. Allen assists. The bridal party start for a pleasure trip to New York.
April 1 Town meeting is well attended. 1557 votes polled. Six Republican candidates elected. Also the Temperance candidate Wm. B. Rose for Com'r. of Excise. All the rest Democratic.
April 24 Sat up in my chair all night watching the toothache.
April 25 Having put a plaster on my arm I slept well last night, without annoyance from the toothache.
April 29 Went up to the Sewing Society this afternoon at LHDavis' .
May 7 Helped plant corn all day. Finished the piece of about 3 acres. Went over to Mrs. Alonzo Chappels in the evening to attend a select "Sociable". Mr. Allen and I walked both ways and arrived home 12 oclock.
May 12 Mr. Allen and I walked down to Bellport this morning and walked back in the evening, walking all the way. Time 3 1/2 hours.
May 29 Attended meeting of Presbytery for the examination, ordination and installing of Frederick E. Allen as pastor of the Middletown Pres. Ch.
June 19 Wrote to J. N. Hallock asking him to make offer for my remaining copies of "Sketches of Suffolk County."
July 2 A hot day, This afternoon I helped 'Lis Ritch wrestle with a big calf (235 pounds) and tie him to carry to P.J. We found it a heavy contract.
July 4 Helping with the hay all day. Bartlett's cannon is fired several times and small boys shoot off firecrackers and larger ones guns.
July 11 Worked at carting in hay from Mrs. King's lot east of her barn. The last of the haying.
July 19 Commenced making a map of Long Island on muslin, 2yds wide and six yds. long.
Aug. 4 Walked down to Yaphank and paid Roswell Davis 75 cents I had borrowed of him two weeks ago. Picked up eggs and sugar for ice cream for Sunday School picnic, and went up to raising of Moses Swezey's barn frame this afternoon. A party of young people from Artist Lake call for me this morning and I go with them on a straw ride to the Sound shore at Rocky Point. We returned home about five oclock. Pleasant day. (Saturday Aug. 9th.)
Aug. 28 Helped around the threshing machine. Seymour Swezey drives it. I stow away the straw.
Oct. 22 Painting on the church, Seymour, Sam Homan and R. E. Hammond. Received certificate (temporary) to teach school at Eastport
" 23 Came to Eastport and cornmenced teaching school in district No. 20. School seems to have been much indulged in making noise and rather disorderly conduct.
" 29 Received word from Uncle Edw. that the church painting is completed. Wrote to Mrs. Smith and sent her the bills.
Nov. 1 Started to New York by train this morning and called on J. N. Hallock and Eckford Robinson. Stayed over Sunday with him.
Nov. 5 Went to work again at the school after election day holiday. Now have 39 pupils registered.
" 8 Bought a pair of boots of Penney & Tuttle for $5 and a box of collars for 15 cents on credit.
" 15 Working the net machine all day. Finished the piece that was in it, 50 yards.
Dec. 13 Little Tracy Tuttle, one of my pupils, while out on the bay sailing, is knocked overboard, and dies before he reaches the shore.
" 27 Came to Middle Island. The church looks very nice, being being trimmed with green wreaths all around the room. The organ is downstairs.
Board for 34 1/2 weeks owed to E. A. Swezey at $2.00 per week.

January On vacation from Eastport school since Dec. 24.
Feb. 24 Finished my term of school this afternoon. Had a few exercises. Attended "Mite Society" meeting and supper this evening at L. T. Ketcham's
March 4 Finished a piece of net, 60 yards, and got another piece into the loom.
March 10 Packed my trunks to return to Middle Island and came to Yaphank by morning train, and by Howell's stage to Middle Island with trunks and baggage.
April 16 Went up to Fred Swezey's this evening to choir meeting.
May 18 Went up to L.H. Davis' to Sewing Society this afternoon. Paid Uncle Edward, what I owed him on account $66.00
Jan. 1 This date finds me at Eastport, where I have been all fall and winter. Doing nothing at present. There is a snow blockade on the railroad, no trains having been through for three days and snow is about 20 inches deep.
Jan. 5 About 5 inches snow fell during the night so we now have about two feet on the ground.
Jan. 6 A locomotive with snow -plow goes down this morning working their way slowly, with 60 men to dig.
Jan. 7 The evening train came dovvn on time, the first regular train after a suspension of eight days.
Jan. 20 A great many sleighs pass going to an auction at Westhampton, driving across the pond.
Jan. 25 A Mr. Thomas Cushing calls on me this evening, having come from New York to see me about writing a historical sketch of Suffolk County for a work to be published by 'W.W. Munsell & Co.
Feb. 11 Received letter from Mr. Cushman accepting my proposition to write up an article on Suffolk County for $50. to $60.
March 14, Dr. Cushing appears and I go with him to see Pelletreau and we bargain to furnish town histories, my contract covering Brookhaven, 50 pages, and Riverhead 17 pages, for $145.
March 23; I am to work on the road but Edwin (Penney) wants me in the store so hires and pays for a substitute for the road work.
Writing on historical work nearly every day.
April 5; Received $5. from Penney & Tuttle in full for 5 days services. Elbert Swezey and Jotham his son stopped here last evening and stayed alI night.
April 26; Walked up to East Moriches this afternoon to look at the railroad building. About 40 Italians are at work there. They have just commenced today. The grade stakes call for a fill of about 22 feet in John Raynor's swamp and a cut of 10 feet through the hill just west. (Starting construction of railroad from Eastport to Patchogue)
May 28; Finished my historical sketch of Suffolk county which has occupied me about all the time since the first of March. Packed my manuscript ready to send to W.W. Munsell & Co. Shipped by express.
June 18 Finished a piece of net 60 yards 3/4 wide. Spooled, warped and put in another piece of 55 yards, Weaving net most of the time lately.
June 29; Went up and rode on the sand flat cars over the new railroad nearly to Moriches. Settled up board account with Aunt Hulda sinceDec. 1, 1880, 27 1/2 weeks $68.75
July 8; Received letter from Dr. Cushing saying that W.W. Munsell Co agrees to give me $50. to write up Smithtown of 11 pages for their history. I accept the offer.
July 19; Took morning train to Yaphank and Howell's stage line for Middle Island. Found everything very much as it used to be.
July 20; Went to the Town Clerk's office and began looking over some of the old records. Mr. Coleman, one of Munsell's canvassers calls on me and I give him names of some most likely to take the book.
July 24; Attended Sunday School and took the lead of my old class. Attended church in the choir which remains in the corner. Called on Azel Swezey and Temmy Hudson this afternoon.
Aug. 10; Attended church fair at the old town poor house at Coram. A large attendance. Receipts are about $130. A large turnout.
Oct. 18; The old depot ( Manorville ) is moved down this evening from its old site on the country road (just east of Manor branch line) to its new site. The men are working most of the night.
Oct. 19; Trains stop at the new depot today. I go out and help the boys dig away the ditch for a road in to the new depot, west of J.C.Tuttle's
Oct. 31, Went up to Center Moriches and commenced teaching school as principal of the village school. My assistant is Miss Carrie L. Penney. Small school and very quiet. Have pleasant day. Return to Eastport at night.
Dec. 26; Finished my History of Brookhaven town and sent it by express this afternoon to W.W. Munsell Co. Practiced the program with the children this forenoon. Attended the Christmas exercises at the church before a crowded house this evening.

Feb. 4 Sent manuscript Riverhead town history to publishers. Made arrangements this morning for taking the school out sleigh riding. We had two four horse sleighs and one two horse, all loaded. Went to Speonk and back. Started 1.40 PM and got back 4 oclock.
Feb. 21. Received check $45, from W.W. Munsell Co. for writing Riverhead town history.
April 4; Town meeting results in election of entire Democratic ticket
May 24; My school closes today. My desk is ornamented with flowers and the children also make me presents. A large number come to the depot see me off on the train.
Working in the net room most of the days.
July 13; Here at Middle Island. Rode down to J- H Randall's with Uncle Edw. and took Mrs. King. Went up to Coram and called on L.H.Davis this afternoon with 'Liss Ritch.
July 22; Helped Uncle Edw. get in four "jag's" of -wheat and two of rye today.
July 27; I went over with Mr. Allen to the Ladies Sewing Society at William Sidney Smith's this afternoon, Large company present.
July 28, A hot day. Ther. 100 in some places. Took dinner with Mr. Allen and raked oats three hours toward night.,
Sept. 24; Went to work in J H Randall's store. Mr. Walling is sick and Joe is full of business, carpenters at work enlarging store.
Oct 24; J. H. Randall paid me off at a dollar a day for four weeks.
Oct. 28; Went with D.H. Raynor to look over Manorville school and agreed to take the school at $6.50 a week.
Oct. 30; Came to Manorville and began teaching the school with 26 pupils. Got along all right. Boarding at D.H. Raynors.
Nov. 3; Had school out at half -past two and went to the depot to take the train to Eastport. Minutes late so took mail train west to Medford, stage to Patchogue and evening train to Eastport.
Dec. 25; Rode over to Port Jeff. this forenoon with Uncle E, & George Ritch, James Swezey and Eddie Pfeiffer. Wished the people "Merry Christmas" and took the stage to Medford and evening train to Manor.
Dec. 31; At Middle Island. No service in church today. Called at Azel Swezey's this afternoon. Azel opens the church and rings the bell this evening and we have a prayer meeting, though small attendance.

Jan. 5 Left school at 2:30 and went down to Eastport on the train.
Jan. 6 Went up to Moriches this afternoon and back on evening train.
" 7 Walked up to Manor this afternoon over a bad road - the RR track covered with crusted snow.
" 8 Settled board account with Geo. W. Raynor.
" 10 A heavy snow storm is on hand. It falls all day. No school.
" 30 A "party" is held at the house this evening. I went to bed about 11 o'clock but sleep was prevented by the pandemonium of dancing which continued in the room below until 2 o'clock next morning.
Feb. 7 Only 12 pupils at school. Administered corporal punishment to two for the first time this winter.
" 10 Went down to Eastport on PM train to see to my desk which I sent down there.
Apr. 3 Went to town meeting where I am running for Town Clerk on Republican ticket. Not elected. Staid at Middle Island all night.
May 19 Replied to J.B. Beers & Co.'s inquiry that I will write county history for them for $ 12 a week and expenses.
" 24 Went over to Wading River this evening and delivered my lecture ( probably Suffolk County history ) to a good audience in the Congregational church.
" 25 Saw Pelletreau on his return from excursion to the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge.
" 26 Wrote to newspapers to change address to Eastport.
" 28 Closed my school engagement at Manorville.
" 31 Went down to Southampton and delivered my lecture on Suffolk County history in the M.E. church in the evening. I was the guest of W.S. Pelletreau.
June 1 Took noon train to Manor, thence to Hicksville and back to Huntington to attend the North Side Teachers' Associaton. Was the guest of Dr. Sturges.
" 2 Gave a talk on the history of Suffolk County before the Associaton this morning. Came down to Port Jefferson this evening.
" 4 Went over to Setauket this evening and delivered a lecture. Had a full house.
" 12 Packed up my trunk and left Eastport on the afternoon train.
" 13 Took train this morning to New York. Bought a suit of clothes at Baldwin's, cor. Broadway adn Canal St. Took the "Escort" at 6 o'clock up the river arriving at Catskill at 6 o'clock next morning.
" 15 Worked in the County Clerk's Office making a list of the officers.
" 16 Took steamer "Elouise" up to Hudson this morning and crossed the ferry to Athens. Returned to Catskill in the afternoon.
" 19 Pelletreau arrives on the steamer this morning. Mr. F.W. Beers comes in the evening.
July 9 Attended celebration of the opening of the East Shore RR this afternoon.
" 19 Took steamer "City of Hudson" to Albany this morning. Went to the State Library, Secretary of State's office and County Clerk's offfice.
" 25 Looking up matters in the County Clerk's office.
Aug. 4 Have been steadily at work in the County Clerk's office every day for nearly trwo weeks.
" 24 Have spent this week copying a census return of 1810.
" 25 Went to the mountains today. Took train to Palenville and a stage to Haines Falls, Kaaterskill Falls and down the Mountain side turnpike to Palenville and back by train to Catskill.
Sept. 11 Went on an excursion by West Shore RR to Saratoga gotten up by M.E. church for $ 1.75. 400 persons. Drank at the spring and continental dinner.
Oct. 1 Finished my county sketch today and sent it to the office this afternoon by Am. Express - 385 page manuscript.
" 6 F.W.B. arrives this morning. Has employed another man who will relieve me of Cairo.
" 18 Started early on the excursion to centennial celebration of disbanding of the army at Newburgh. Had a tedious time on the return. Reached Catskill at about 2:30 next morning.
" 19 Spent day getting my trunk ready. Took the boat "Kaaterskill" down the river at 6 pm for New York.
" 24 Came up to Bellport to stay ( with Charlie and cousin Alda ) a while to write out my notes of Catskill.
Nov. 17 Finished my Catskill history. Returned to Eastport by evening train.
Dec. At work in the net weaving garret.
" 25 Came with Charlie and Alda to Middle Island to keep Christmas. Folks from Port Jeff do not get out. Bellport folks return. I stay.
" 27 Went to Jo. Randall's
" 29 The Hawkins' sons are out from Stony Brook.
" 30 Rode up to Mr. Lee's to dinner. Returned in afternoon in time to greet Selah ( cousin Eliza Ann's husband ) with whom I rode to Port Jefferson in a sleigh.

Jan. 3 Came out to Middle Island at night with S.M. Swezey.
" 7 Walked to Yaphank this morning. Left by the train. Walked to Manor and took train to Eastport at 3 o'clock. Aunt Huldah had arrived on noon train.
" 8 At work in the net room.
" 17 Received word from D.R. Davis of Coram that I am wanted to teach a singing class at Middle Island.
Feb. 21 Began a wood-house for Aunt H. Framed it and covered it except the roof and made the door.
" 24 Charlie Swezey and Rena Dayton are married this evening.
Mar. 7 Went to Middle Island on freight train. Rode up with Mr. Wm. Sylvester Swezey.
" 15 Middle island is to have a daily mail.
Apr. 14 Took morning train to Babylon to attend Teachers' Institute.
" 18 Institute closes at 3:30 PM and most of the teachers go home. I am elected president of Association. Read my paper "The Aims of Public Education" before the associaton.
May 5 At work moving Aunt Huldah's household goods across to her new house.
" 15 Attended the ceremonies at the "planting" of the Hunters Garden at Brewster's Lots. About 100 present. Clam chowder, eel chowder, and fish and oysters. Band music and badge presentations to cowder-makers.
" 16 Attended the South Side Teachers's Association at Islip this evening.
June 2 At M.I. Called on Aunt Temmy Hudson.
" 12 Uncle Edw. brought Aunt H. and me to Bellport Sta. where we took train to Eastport.
July 16 Took steamer "Sunshine" this morning to Middletown, saw Dr. Cushing, then came down to Chester and found cousin Mills. Stayed at his house all night.
" 18 Came up to Haddam town center and engaged a boarding place.
" 19 Spent all day in the town clerk's office looking over records.
Aug. 2 Got a horse and buggy and drove out around the back part of the town taking observations and notes.
" 4 Went up to Middletown this morning and saw F.W.Beers and several of the men. Made arrangements to write up Essex and went down there to take observations. Returned to Chester this evening.
6 Came down to Essex and stopped at eh nion House while I am taking notes.
" 7 After dinner took the steamboat "Sunshine" to Greenport.
" 8 Came on the morning train to Manor and by afternoon train to Yaphank and stage to Middle Island.
" 11 Went to work indexing my notes and writing letters.
" 27 Took steamer "Sunshine" to Connecticut arriving at Essex about 1 o'clock.
Sept. 6 At work on records. Finished them in the boat shop by the water. Cooler than my room.
" 10 One of the hottest days on record. Nearly overcome by the heat.
" 13 Took train to Bridgeport and took boat to Port Jefferson at night.
" 15 Looked about Port Jefferson today and spent the evening with Sid Ritch.
Oct. 8 All day on Essex. Finished writing the manuscript.
" 13 Worked on Haddam and wrote some letters.
Nov. 8 Mailed several pages more of Haddam history, which is now completed.
" 10 Sent the last pages of Haddam history.
" 21 Spent most of forenoon with Eleazer Overton, getting him started away from Aunt Temmy's. He is on a drunk.
Dec. 1 Went over to Port Jefferson on a load of wood with Eddie Pfeiffer.
" 25 Uncle Edw., Aunt C. and Minnie went to Stony Brook this morning and left me to keep house and take care of things all alone.
" 26 Organized my singing class. There are about 12 persons in it.
Jan. 8 Sent off 500 letters soliciting advertising for my Hand-book of L.I.
" 14 Mrs. Amelia Dayton died this afternoon, after a sickness only since last night.
" 24 Writing on Hand-book.
Feb. 6 I finished writing the descriptions for my Hand-book to-day.
Mar. 2 Went with Sidney Still to look for some one to take goods to Bayport. Helped load a wagon in the afternoon. Engaged John Swezey in the evening to go to Bayport tomorrow. Settled with Danz for Aunt Temmy.
" 3 Helped load and get things away from Aunt Temmy's. She went with Mr. & Mrs. Still. Two loads of stuff went Made all day at work on that business. Got a search warrant for bedding, etc. stolen from Aunt Temmy's.
" 4 Got Marcus Homan, constable, to serve search warrant on Eleazer Overton and get goods belonging to Aunt Temmy. Got a feather bed and bedding.
" 7 Henry Carter came up this morning and took formal possession of his property, late of Nathaniel Hudson's. Paid me for the locks and left the keys with me.
" 12 Uncle Edw. tried his new mare that he got yesterday in trade for "Charlie". Went up to Coram with her and "Sam" harnessed together first time.
" 14 Received subpeona to attend justice court next Saturday 10 o'clock in the case of Eliza Carter vs. Eleazer Overton.
April 15 First sheet of my Hand-book got to press.
" 17 Came down to Eastport this AM. Put piece into the loom, warping it this afternoon
In Eastport working in net room.
May 30 Put in a piece and wove 12 yds. to fill an order for extra large mesh. Looked over account with Aunt Huldah to date. This probably closes net weaving for the present.
June 2 Finished battening the south side of the house. Aunt Huldah paid me $ 30. Wrote a number of letters this evening to parties whose portraits I had engaged for my hand book but cannot use.
" 6 Came down to Eastport this forenoon. Received letter from W.W. Preston wishing an interview in relation to writing county history. Wrote him I would visit him in N.Y. next Wednesday.
" 10 Went to New York this morning. Met Mr. W.W. Preston at the "Christian at Work" office according to agreement. Also met Pelletreau there. Went with him up to Yonkers and stayed the night.
" 11 Came down on steamer this morning to N.Y. Looked through the Astor Library, the New and old City Halls, and took afternoon train to Eastport.
" 18 Rec'd letter from Preston about Putnam County. He finds its history has been written and the writer is now revising. Nothing definite yet.
" 20 Came to Middle Island today, by way of Manor. Aunt Huldah came with me. Spent 4 hours at Manor and chartered Howell's stage to come up with me to Middle Island.
" 25 Got an early start and came by Yaphank station to N.Y., thence to Yonkers, where I arrived about 11:30, met by Mr. Preston with whom I agreed to work for $15 a week and expenses added. I am to assist Dr. Cole in writing the history of the town of Yonkers.
" 26 At work in the Dutch Reformed Church on my writing.
July 3 Made out a day's work and then took steamer "Christenah" to Haverstraw with Pelletreau. Stayed at the house of Hampton Penney, who is a brother of Sidney Penney at Moriches.
" 4 We started out this morning - hired a hack and drove to the "Smith House", to Stony Point, visited the light house, then to Tompkin's Cove, returning to Haverstraw depot (old depot) took R.R. to West Point, looked about the grounds and took steamer "C.Vibbard" to Yonkers.
" 28 Started this morning and went to Port Jefferson, where the Bayles family are holding a picnic at "California Grove". 23 persons there. Had a pleasant day.
Aug 5 Went down to the railroad this afternoon and saw the funeral train with Gen. Grant's remains pass on its way from Albany to New York.
" 6 Received 50 copies of my L.I. Hand-book from the binders, and sent out copies and bills to most of my advertisers.
" 10 Went over to White Plains this forenoon and talked with Preston about Staten Island. Settled my account with him. Returned to Yonkers and left this afternoon coming by way of New York to Yaphank and Middle Island.
" 17 Went to Orient and worked back to Greenport this afternoon, making arrangements for selling my Hand-book. Put up at the Clark House at Greenport.
" 19 Came up to Southold and got Elbert Swezey to bring me on up to New Suffolk and Cutchogue where I took P.M. train to Riverhead.
" 25 Attended the funeral of Mr. A. Van Horn at the church here in M.I.
Sep 1 Took stage and train this aftrnoon and went to White Plains, arriving there at about 9 o'clock, according to request of L.E. Preston received in letter today.
" 2 Came with Preston down to New York, by way of Yonkers where we called at Dr. Cole's but did not see him.
" 12 Went to Coram this afternoon to the Rep. town primary.
" 14 Attended the funeral of J. Orlando Randall at his residence.
" 18 Took 6:35 train this morning to New York. Thence came to Port Richmond, Staten Island by 10:45 boat from South Ferry. Stopped here at the St. James Hotel, which was once called the Continental House, where Aaron Burr died.
" 19 Went to White Plains this forenoon to see L.E.Preston. Visited Washington's Headquarters of the Revolutionry times.
" 21 Came back to Staten Island this morning. Met W.W. Preston at South Ferry according to arrangement, and he came with me. Saw J.M. Clute about copyright of Clute's History. Saw some other parties.
" 22 I went over to New York and went with W.W.P. to call on some parties who have matter pertaining to the history of Staten Island.
Oct 7 Left Port Richmond after dinner. Missed the Greenport train at Hunter's Point and took Port Jefferson train.
Nov 3 Walked up to election this morning.
" 4 Came down to Eastport by way of Yaphank and Manor. Take meals at Edwin's and sleep in Aunt Huldah's house.
" 5 Went to work in the net room.
" 25 Attended the marriage of Thos. B. Lee and Frances L . Smith at Coram this evening. About 60 or 70 present at the wedding.
Dec 18 Funeral of Hampton Overton at the church this forenoon.
" 25 Came on the Branch train to Manor and PM mail train to Yaphank, then walked home. Met Robert S. Overton at Manor. We dined at Capt. S. Raynor's.

January In Middle Island writing history of Staten Island.
Jan. 13 Temp. 16 below zero this AM.
" 14 " " " " Received Webster's dictionary today and sold it to Willet Swezey.
" 15 " 10 " "
" 18 I caught a ride with S.M.S. to Medford and went to N.Y. At night with Prestons talking over Staten Island history business.
Feb. 9 Spring like day. The sleighing is spoiled.
" 16 Bought an organ for Aunt C.
" 27 Blizzard continues all day, a terrible wind.
Mar. 1 & 2 Gale continues
" 24 Rec'd word from Preston. He wants me to come down. Another man is preparing a History of Staten Island and he is scared.
" 25 Went to Brooklyn this AM.
Apr. 2 Daniel Buckingham's dau. Mrs. Frank Terrell buried.
" 15 Sent first 4 chapters of S.I. History to Preston.
" 19 Temp. 76 in the shade this noon.
" 20 Great fire in the woods between Yaphank and Longwood.
" 23 Hot day. Temp. about 80 in shade at noon.
May 3 Hired ground of Willet Swezey at $3 per acre.
" 5 Had ground plowed. 1 1/2 acres of it by Lewis Ritch.
" 10 Funeral of Dr. Baker at Yaphank.
" 15 Planted corn.
June 5 Sent balance of S.I. History to Preston making up to 1058 pages.
" 18 Went over to Jo. Randall's and helped him get his strawberries packed. He sent off 24 crates of 32 qts. each.
" 22 Looked through J.H.Randall's and Elbert Petty's strawberry patches. They show the greatest sights of rich, ripe strawberries that I ever saw. Hundreds of bushels are going to waste because the markets are flat and berries are not worth picking. I sent a crate to Manor by express this afterooon.
" 29 Offering hand-books at 2 cents each til July 10.
July 3 Sent off several packages of Hand-Boooks.
" 9 Sent 100 Hand Books to Livingston for 22 years sub. to "Signal".
" 11 Ulysses Ritch appears at church having arrived in N.Y. Friday from voyage around the earth.
" 22 Pleasant day. Went over to Port Jefferson by way of Patchogue stage from Coram and returned by same means afternoon. Ordered a big book case made and settled with Payne for books sold.
" 28 Pleasant day. Very hot. Went with Mr. Lee's folks, 8 of us in farm wagon, to Joseph Bayles' Mt. Sinai to have family picnic. Not many there. Misunderstanding. We had a pleasant time and returned at night.
Aug. 14 Went bathing this PM in Bartlett's pond.
" 20 Received my book case from Raynor's, P.J. by Lewis Ritch who had Uncle E's horse and wagon to go to P.J. I went up to Squire Davis afternoon and choir meeting there in evening.
" 27 Went to Port Jefferson this morning with Eliza Ann and her children. Uncle Edw. is threshing. They finish today. I return with the horse toward night. Bought a chair for $ 1.15 and some paint and ink materials. Hot day. Mr. Sidney S. Norton was buried at P.J. yesterday. Wm. H. Mott is said to be insane.
Sept. 1 Came down to Eastport.
" 2 Went to work in the net room.
" 3 Finished the piece. Wove 33 yds. of it.
" 15 Went up to Mr. Lee's this morning. Wrote deed and will for Aunt Minda.
Oct. 1 Walked over to Comsewogue this afternoon and visited Aunt Polly and her folks.
" 19 Wrote notices and sent to county papers concerning Historical Society meeting.
" 26 Went to Riverhead this afternoon and attended the permanent organization of the Suff. Co. Historical Society.
" 28 Attended funeral of Lester H. Davis.
Nov. 2 Attended election as poll clerk all day. The first election in Dist. No. 9, meeting at Mrs. Hutchinson.
" 15 Came to Eastport.
" 16 Went to work in the net room. Weaving.
" 17-20 Weaving net. Got out a piece 9 x 9, 1 yd. wide.
" 30 Got out a piece 6 x 9, 1 yd. wide.
Dec. 1 Left Eastport by morning train and came to M.I. by way of Brookhaven and Yaphank.
" 10 At work all day on J.H. Randall's books.
" 11 Wrote a summary history of L.I. for the Brooklyn Eagle Almanac this morning.
" 22 Charlie Howell brought type etc. which I bought of him for $ 5.00.

Jan. 3 Alda and Bertie went home with C.E.Howell stage this afternoon.
" 7 Worked on J.H. Randall's books this afternoon.
" 8 - 21 Work on church records almost every day.
" 18 Ice along the roads prevents traveling. Scarcely a horse seen along road all day.
" 22 Went with Uncle Edw. part way to Port Jeff. this afternoon. I drove back and he walked rest of way. He is afraid to drive horse on account of ice.
" 31 Minnie is 12 years old today and invites her friends to celebrate her birthday by a candy pull his evening. About 20 are present.
Feb. 4 Made drawing of my Chart Board suitable for application for Letters Patent.
Feb. 10 Had my application for patent witnessed and sworn to and sent it complete with $ 15 fee to Washington by mail from Riverhead.
" 23 Came to Eastport via Southern R.R. Went to work in the net room.
Feb.23 - Mar.5 At work most of days in net room.
Mar. `5 Am paid for all my work on net up to date, rec'd $ 20.00
" 8 Return to M.I.
" 13 Bertha Dutcher is spending Sunday with Minnie.
" 17 Work part time at J.H. Randall's store.
" 23 Republican town convention at Coram nominate me again for Town Clerk.
" 25 At J.H. Randall's all day. He gets out into the store some this afternoon having been confined to his room about ten days.
Apr. 6 learned of my defeat in the race for Town Clerk. Hutrchinson's maj. 253.
" 15 N. Munsell's barn burns this forenoon.
" 22 Took train to Brooklyn, stayed all night with Mr. Preston. He wants me to go to Rhode Island to superintend the preparation of History of Newport County.
" 26 Came to Greenport, took dinner at Clark house then took "Manhansett" to New London, thence to Wickford, and steamer to Newport. Stopped at Perry House.
" 27 Took train to Bristol Ferry and Tiverton.
" 28 Met Mr. Cole who is to work with me on history.
May 1-8 In Newport
" 9 I have arranged with them to prepare the history of the County for $ 700.
" 11 Took steamer at night for New York.
June 14 Went to Riverhead this evening and attended the council meeting of the Suff. Co. Hist. Soc. Re-elected corresponding secretary.
July 3 Eddie Topping and his wife Lillie Hawkins came out and returned at night.
" 11 Helped Uncle Edw. get in his wheat, 5 loads.
" 13 Mercury 92. At work early and late weeding and hoeing (in my garden).
" 28 Attended the Bayles family picnic at Mr. Lee's. About 30 there, mostly women and children.
" 29 Funeral of Mrs. Davis (Mrs. Brevoort's mother).
Aug. 3 Edith Davis died this noon.
" 5 The "boys" broke ground digging the cellar under the church - Elbert Ruland, his son Eugene and Lewis Ritch. Part of the furnace arrived.
" 9 Mr. Reed begins the outside chimney of the church.
" 15 The men are putting furnace under the church.
" 19 & 20 Wrote all day for Cynthia Hutchinson on town assessment book. (continued for 7 days at $ 1 a day ).
" 20 Aunt Sally Norton died.
Oct. 6 Went down to Riverhead to County Fair, then to Greenport for night.
" 7 Took "Manhansett" to New London, then train to Willimantic and stopped all night at the Hooker House.
" 8 By rail to Providence, then by steamer "Richard Borden" down the bay to Bristol Ferry, thence stage to Portsmouth.
" 10-13 At work on records in Town Clerk's office.
" 17 Began teaching school at Middle District School with 10 scholars.
" 18 Rec'd word from L.E. Preston that they published Richmond County History. They always said that I was to be employed to read the proofs.
" 22 Went to Patchogue and saw John M. Price with reference to an insurance agency.
Nov. 3 Rec'd supplies and commission for the agency of Niagara Fire Insurance Co.
" 8 Acted as poll clerk at election. 142 votes from this district 91 - Republicans to 51 Democrats.
Dec. 31 Went to Riverhead. Made some purchases and sat for a photograph.

Jan 3 Charlie, Alda and Bertie ( Woodruff ) came at night on way home from Port Jeff.
" 5 Uncle Edw. went home with Charlie & Alda.
" 10 Delivered 1st insurance policy for the Niagara to Cynthia Hutchinson today.
" 21 Went over to Port Jeff. by way of Patchogue stage from Coram. Nearly froze and returned afternoon same way.
" 25 School runs about ten scholars daily this week.
Feb 11 Finished writing an article on Early Whale fishing from L.I. Shore.
Mar 12 The wildest storm of the winter prevails, the wind increasing in fury in the afternoon. All night it blows with the greatest fury that I ever saw. Could not see the schoolhouse at all today, snow is so thick.
" 13 The roads are impassable, snowdrifts 8 ft. high being frequent. The air is full of snow.
Apr 3 Pleasant day for Town election. My name is on the ticket again for Town Clerk, but I do not make any effort, nor ask for any votes.
" 9 Went to Babylon to attend Teachers' Institute - first meeting by com. dists.
" 24 L. Ritch began plowing my garden this afternoon.
May 24 Went up to Sylvester Davis' with Uncle Edw. and James Swezey to help plant corn.
" 28 Received a gold headed cane presented by W.S. Pelletreau, some time since, it having just arrived here.
" 31 At work in J.H. Randall's store
June 8 Edwin Penney died at Eastport, 11 o'clock tonight.
" 11 Received $ 73 from W.W.Preston, balance due on Newport County History.
" 13 Mr. Elkanah Hawkins died at 3 o'clock this morning.
" 14 Answered W.W.Preston's letter asking for proposal for writing history of Windham County, Ct.
" 28 Started this morning for Ohio. Eunice Lee and I came to N.Y. via P.J. RR. Took St. Louis Express train for Sandusky via Hudson River & N.Y. Central. Fare $ 14.80 and $ 3.50 for berth in sleeping car.
" 29 Arrived Buffalo 6:15 and left at 5:40 by Central Time. Reached Sanduskyat 12:45. John and Julia meet us at the depot.
" 30 Rode out with Cousin Lottie this afternoon.
July 10 Went with quite a party of the Davis's to the islands. Put in Bay islands on steamer. Had picnic dinner.
" 11 Started about 5 o'clock this morning for Ornar (?) to visit Cousin Maria ( Brown ). About 26 miles over smooth level country.
" 12 All hands went over to where Susie Newman lives, about 10 miles further, near Chicago junction. There I took the B & O RR about 6 o'clock to M (?) where I took Lake Shore to Buffalo.
" 13 Arrived at Buffalo at 5 o'clock eastern time this morning. Visited Niagara Falls and started for Syracuse about 10 o'clock. Reached there at 3 and took train to Baldwinsville at 6:10. Found the Cloughs all right.
" 14 Visiting the Clough family which consists of Uncle Albert and his wife Eliza and Elizabeth and a hired man.
" 16 Took train arriving Albany at 4:00 o'clock. Took boat Dean Richmond down the river at 8 o'clock PM.
Aug 20 At work in my garden on sage.
" 23 Received my teacher's certificate for 2nd grade for the next two years.
" 27 Went to New York this AM via Patchogue. Made contact with W.W.Preston & Co. to prepare history of Windham Co., Ct.
Sept 3 Started for Connecticut to break ground for the History of Windham County. To Greenport, then steamer Manhanset to New London and rail to Willimantic.
" 4 Stopped last night at the Chaffee House, where I met Holmes, Loomis, Kindberg, and Westbrook, Preston's canvassers. Drove out today with Loomis to Scotland. Saw Miss Jane Gay Fuller. Crossed over to Chaplin and then back to Willimantic.
" 5 Stayed at Hooker house last night. Today went to Plainfield and Central Village. Put up at a historic old hotel, on the stoop of which I sat down in the chair in which Lafayette sat and wrote a letter when he was a guest of the house.
" 6 Went to Putnam, then to Thompson and arranged with Miss Ellen D. Larned to prepare town histories of Woodstock, Thompson, and Putnam. Came to Danielsonville at night.
" 7 Hired Mr. Worden the hotel keeper of the Attawangen House, to take me around with his team. Went through Pomfret and Abbington to Hampton Hill, thence back by way of Brooklyn. Took train at 9:11 tonight to New London, then steamer City of Worcester to N.Y.
Oct 1 Finished cutting up my corn after school.
" 5 Picked a basket of sage at night.
" 9 Mrs. Edward Oakes died.
" 12 Ham Smith died last night or this morning.
" 13 Mrs. Nancy ( widow of Samuel ) Randall died.
" 22 Aunt Jane Edwards died this morning, at Aunt Minda's.
Nov 17 Packed 228 lbs. sage in 5 barrels to send to Van Duzer & Co.
" 24 Went to East Setauket and got deed and paid $ 150 for house and lot of Miriam and Kate Hudson in Middle Island.
Dec 8 Sold the Miriam Hudson place to Willet S. Swezey. $ 165.

Jan. 1 At Middle Island writing history of Windham County, Conn. and teaching at Middle District school (Dist.# 17 )
Feb. 21 Mr. David Thompson died
Mar. 9 began boarding at J.H.Randall's
Apr, 5 start vacation. Van Horn & Ruland are trustees
July 9 special meeting about union of Districts 16 & 17
Oct. 7 began school in Dist. # 16 with 17 scholars
Nov. 10 George Ritch died

Jan. In Middle Island writing history of Providence and teaching in Dist.# 16
Feb. 28 Lester Davis died at Coram
Mar. 10 Oren Mott died
Apr. 1 rec'd notice of death of publisher Willis W. Preston
24 Mrs. Elkanah Hawkins died
May 19 Uncle Edward went to bed - sick
May 30 Uncle Edward died
June 21 was auctioneer for E.A.Swezey estate
Aug. 5 Mrs. Van Horn died
Nov. 9 funeral of Augustus Edwards
" 13 " " Harriet Edwards of Swezeytown
" 16 " " Mrs. Charry Petty
" 21 " " Mrs. Rebecca Swezey
" 27 Thanksgiving dinner at J.H. Randall
Dec. 22 Capt. Wm. H. Brown died at Artist lake

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