Quail once raised at Game Farm

Middle Island Mail
August 14, 1935

Six To Seven Thousand Quail
Raised Yearly At Game Farm
0n the north side of the Middle Country road, at Middle Island is an orderly looking farm which often arouses the curiosity of the passing motorist. It is the State Game farm and has been operated since 1914 when the Game Conservation department purchased, 100 acres of land.

The farm at first was used to raise ringneck pheasant's. It was, under the supervision of Harry T. Rogers, superintendent of Pheasant Farms. The foremen under Mr. Rogers were Harry Gordon, Harry Baker and Floyd R. Buell. All of these foremen did splendid work.

Now bob white quails and a limited number of ringneck pheasants are reared exclusively by the electric brooder method. The eggs are secured from a breeding stock of 500 quail which are maintained at the state farm. The eggs are hatched by electrically heated brooder units. The farm which is the largest in the northern states, raises about 6,000 to 7,000 quail annually. Over half of the birds are distributed in
Nassau and Suffolk counties, the balance going South. They are distributed to sportsmen of the state for liberation in suitable areas.

Reports indicate that the quail hunting on Long Island has been materially improved by the liberation of -the birds from the state farm at Middle Island.

M. 0. Poyner, one foreman, one assistant and six helpers are employed at the farm. The men take care of the birds and also keep the farm in good order. The general aspect of the farm is one that suggests efficiency, neatness, and large-scale production under modern scientific conditions.

Visitors are welcome. The only restrictions imposed upon them are moderate, and are consistent with proper management and protection of breeding stock and young birds. These' restrictions are such as the foreman, at his discretion, may impose.

The quail are distributed through sportsmen's organizations registered with the department.

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